Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few Donation Quilts

Here's my most recent little stack of completed Project Linus donation quilts. It looks bigger than it really is - it's only 3 quilts, each about 40" x 55".
This one must be my favorite quilt that I have had the pleasure of doing in quite sometime. I have tried 3 times to get a great picture, and have given up. These are 12 of the nearly 70 blocks donated as a part of this session's Spring Fling Round Robin. Participants were asked to send two 12" patch or applique blocks as compensation for me mailing 26 packages in order to keep the swap anonymous. They sent one block for a girl's quilt and one for a boy's. There were a handfull of wonderful individuals that sent more than two blocks.
These were done by Tami, Jeanne, Wendy, Solidia, Trish, Liliane, and Julie (hope I didn't leave anyone out there!!). Out of my massive stack of blocks, I pulled twelve star blocks. I have named this quilt "Wish upon a Star", and it is most definitely for a girl. It has four blocks in it made from Fairy Frosts, which have the most luscious sheen & shimmer. I meander quilted it in a white rayon thread, which also adds to the shimmer.
The star block in the center that has the rocket was supposed to be for a boy's quilt, but I just couldn't resist using it here (plus I needed one more star!). It is just to remind whichever girl receives this quilt that anything is possible for her (I can say this because I am a mechanical & aeronautical engineer by trade).
I did this one (above) from my scrap bins, all except for the teddy bear novelty fabric at the centers (and a wide stripe on the backing). It's colorful & fun and appropriate for either gender, as I avoided all florally fabrics. The backing & binding are mostly this bold plaid.
Here's my last quilt. Kate (from the SFRR3 swap too), sent 24 donation blocks (12 for girl and 12 for boy). I showed the girl quilt last week over on the swap's blog, but have since finished up the other quilt. It's got lots of black, orange, blue and green fabrics. I added a border of this rather bold and wild black/grey/white dot, and quilted it in orange wavey lines.
The backing is also that dot. I was given about 4 yards of this stuff, and really never knew what I would possibly do with it (it's not my favorite). The binding is also this dot fabric, with a few insertions of bright orange just for color.

Many thanks, gals, your blocks are fantastic, and it was so much fun to make quilts with them! I have 3 more quilts in progress or planning stages with blocks from this swap.


Julie Bagamary said...

Wow - impressive!

Tami said...

That's so cool to see a quilt made of all the donation blocks already. You're quick!! :-)

Wendy said...

The donation quilts are great! I love that you added my rocket star block to the "girl" quilt and your reasons why ... I hope it inspires a girl to do something terrific!