Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Heavy Picture Posting

First off, a HUGE thanks to Miss Emma for this scrumptious set of 40 6" squares - all Fairy Frosts! It was part of her 1km giveaway, that is one kilometer of fabric in her stash.
And not surprisingly, with that kind of stash, all 40 squares are different!! I love them, and am already spying a project or two to use some of them on.
Another inquiry...
I have joined a row robin swap, and really would like to use the greens below as part of my background. Foolishly, I only bought about a third of what I really need. Dumb me! Anyhow, has anybody seen any of this, or have any in their stash they'd like to trade? One of the selvages says it is Timeless Treasures, from the 2007 collection of Lotus. I am pretty sure all three are from that line. Please email if you can help...

Here's a few of the Project Linus quilts that I have finished recently. I showed this flimsy last week, but here is the finished and unwashed quilt. The back is a wild tropical print of banana leaves.
Kid #2 wanted to pose with this one. Being a Univ Alabama grad, I still to this day can hardly stomach blue & orange together (UGH - Auburn Univ colors!), but that is what I chose so I hope someone appreciates it.
I used up some bolder prints, some Kaffee Fasset here. I don't love that tan sashing, but it was free so there. The back is a sweet floral I had which wraps all colors on the front together.
And lastly, the peppermint Patty quilt...or my version of scrappy bento boxes. It quilted and washed up beautifully.
My March birthday block swap blocks are now done. Forgive me, I have no idea who specifically they are for. This one is supposed to have a Hawaiian theme. It is kind of simple, but the hibiscus and tropical fish ought to make it Hawaiian enough.
This one took me all afternoon, but I like the end result. The recipient is kind of particular in her fabric likes/dislikes, so I hope it passes muster. If not, she can just send it back and I will give it a good home :-) She wanted anykind of block design that is on a Kona white with some version of "geese".
And we have finally come to the last set of works for the past week or so - a few completed flimsies. I think I have six flimsies in my pile now, all destined for Project Linus. This uses the remaining Broken Heart blocks that I got in the birthday block swap. These were ALL different sizes ranging from 10" to 10.5". Many were "misfit" blocks that were made and then remade since the size was off. They were a bit of a pain to work with given the size fluctuations, but then. I even shimmed the 10" blocks (don't look too closely!!) so I could use them. The last quilt I did with these blocks, I did not sash the blocks. It has a very different look.
These last two are blocks donated from Kate. They are actually the two blocks that are a part of the Spring Fling Round Robin I am currently posting, but Kate decided to clean out her strip box, and she made 24! The participants of this swap are making 2 blocks - one girlish and one boyish, which I will make into Project Linus blankets. Their donations are in trade for me mailing their swap packages all over the world (all in the name of anonymity). You really ought to take a look over there at that blog - the quilts that are started are awesome, and will only get better with the coming months.
This one, with the pink and purple, is destined for a girl - probably even a teen given the unjuvenile-ness of this quilt.
And this is the boy-ish version. Lots of black, blue and green. MANY thanks, Kate, they are invaluable to whoever will receive them. And I am most greatful for your gift.


Emma said...

Wow, you have been veyr busy! I'm glad the charm squares arrived safely; I hope you enjoy using them

PeggyinNO said...

I found my block (2nd row, middle block) in the Broken Heart quilt. That came out really pretty. I love the sashing. I have to tell you that, that was the hardest block I have ever made!! All of your quilts are wonderful.

katelnorth said...

Those Bento Boxes look great made up - and I think both are suitable for teens - I was kind of aiming for that, as I know it's often an area where there are shortages. I only wish I'd cleaned out my strip box, though... I did make a small dent in it!

qwendi said...

Margaret......I think your Hawaiian themed block is stunning as is the Geese block. You are an above the average quilter....easy to see. I like your use of "happy colors" in your quilts (even your hated blue and gold)..:o).