Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Progress on Row Robin - Message to my fellow swappers

If you remember, I signed up for a row robin a couple of weeks ago (here is a flickr link for those interested). We are supposed to get our first row out by April 1st. There are 5 other gals doing a row that will be added to this. Every six weeks, a row must be completed. I go into this totally blind - I don't know of a single swapper in my group. Some don't even have blogs. It was down to signing up for this or the DQS6, and since I really have grave reservations about that swap, I chose this. It'll be fun & different.

If you remember a week ago, I was looking for this green fabric. It's 2007 Lotus-Wasabi from Timeless Treasures. What I have (which only amounts to about a yard and a quarter), I got for a song ($3/yard), but I was way too frugal that day and didn't get near enough. Don't know what I was thinking! Well, I was able to procure another two and a half yards of 2 of them. Sadly, I couldn't locate the center one, which is my favorite though. I have decided that this green will be the background for these blocks. I will be sending pieces to the five quilters in my group so that there is some cohesion amongst the blocks/rows. I think that the "scrappy" look of the different yet similar backgrounds will look good. Since fabric is limitted, please measure twice, and cut once. I cannot get more :-(

So here's my row...I have kept enough of these fabrics should I opt to make another row just like this. At this juncture, I don't have 6 hours to putter away on mindless and messy paper piecing of five lowly star blocks so it will have to wait for another rainy day.
So you are not into baby-poo green?... I found that this color is very hard to photograph. It's really very pretty, almost golden toned. I love it.

My theme is Christmas Stars. I want the most creative stars possible, done in five 9" finished squares. I have asked that the other colors be shades of red, burgundy, magenta, and all shades of greens that lean towards the yellow-green or olive tones (no forest or kelly green please). I prefer each row to have more than one star design if possible, and different colorations of the stars, as I have done. I like that "scrappy" look for a quilt that only comes from using a number of tones of the same color. I like all patterns of fabric, so long as it is good fabric (ie, nothing from Walmart or otherwise feels like burlap), and appreciate when good care is taken to ensure that stripes are symmetrically aligned. I really love a fabric with a shimmer such as Michael Miller's Fairy Frosts, or ones with a gold imprinting (no silver please). I used a couple with gold leafing, and they look fantastic.

Here's a close up of my blocks...
I designed them using EQ6.
That lighter fabric in the next shot is in actuality a bit more yellowey, but it didn't photograph that way. And yes, the red part of this star is a magenta paisley.
I love the look of three of these blocks being on point, and I encourage you to try something creative like this too, if you want.
I wasted some time yesterday morning while I was home with 2 sick kids, pulling some of my favorite star blocks from EQ6. I colored them in a way that may be indicative of my preferred fabrics. Maybe you can find something in this mix of stars that suits your fancy. I hope so! They range from rather basic stars to dresden plates, to a New York Beauty. Please try not to repeat stars that others have done if possible. Also, please no embroidery, yo-yos or embellishments. I have three young kids and they can be rough onsuch things. Additionally, I'm not at all a fan of raw-edge applique OR machine applique. I really prefer this quilt to be all pieced stars, done in Christmassy colors.
...and if this is not enough (phew), I may even take the 9" blocks apart after receiving all the rows (not until November though), jumble them up, sash them, and make my quilt thataway. Who knows!
Whatever happens, I thank you for working on this quilt, and for the care and caution and joy you will put into it.


Harley Dee said...

Beautiful squares, I look forward to working on yours :)


Dionne said...

Beautiful work. My friend just decided to quit all her other swaps and only do Flikr swaps, mmmm.... I'll have to check it out.

Tab said...

Oh, my gosh, this is just stunning!

Emma said...

I love your stars!