Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Better Late than Never

The original Four Seasons Quilt Swap piece that I made for Liliane has yet to arrive, sadly (click on "original" to see the first one I made that is missing). A couple weeks ago, I decided it was time to design a replacement. She chose black as her color of choice...remember that this is a monochromatic quilt swap this session. I could use black & white and shades of gray, plus one accent color, for which she chose lime green.

I managed to use all my half decent "shades" of gray on the first quilt. All I had left in my stash were B&W prints. Now, these are pretty decent prints, but not as artsy as the shading can yield. Remember too that I really wanted to send Lil a nice quilt because she did such a fantastic job on a quilt for me recently in the SFRR2.
I designed a table runner that is a combination of drunkard's path blocks and a pointier version (added in because I thought that these may take less time to construct). When I designed this in EQ6 I loved the look of the circles and triangles too. Fortunately my stash of bright greens is almost endless. It was fun pulling lots of whimsical limes greens and using them here.
The black and white areas are mini-stippled, while I did a spring-leaf free flowing pattern in the green winding area. I'm pretty happy with the quilt overall, and absolutely ecstatic that it has arrived (and after only 5 days - as I mailed on last Thursday).
I'm a little sad that I didn't take or feel I had the time to do applique. I really just needed to get a good quilt sent to Lil. I'm feeling better though because she told me she really loves this table runner.


lil said...

Margaret, how could I not be in love with this, it's more than perfect

just so sorry that the first one still didn't show up, mad at the postman, grrrrrrr

The Calico Cat said...

For what it is worth, I like this one better... :o) The pies - sweet!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

This is beautiful! And I bet that Lil will be able to use it year-round. Doggone it, somewhere there's a postal clerk that has an large stash of quilts, blocks and flimsies.

Julie Bagamary said...

The table runner is very nice. Great colors.