Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Blocks 'n Rows

These arrived last week, on another rainy day like today. It's my favorite thread to work with, despite it's price. Hard to imagine these six spools ought to cost $50. Even harder to swallow that they charge another $7 to ship them. Oh well...

Thought I'd show a couple of my recent things. Here's my last birthday block, for Michelle, who asked for purses and/or shoes on white. I really love how it turned out and hope she does too. I am finishing up Kate's block. Hopefully before month's end...
The row robin swap, despite not having a host anymore, is on the 3rd row too. This is for Robin, who asked for a "beachy" feel. My row is the umbrellas. I'm not a fan of machine applique, but I did it so as to match the previous row. Parts of the umbrellas have Fairy Frosts, so they shimmer like real umbrellas might.

...and a closer look (maybe if you dbl click!)- I had a very productive weekend. I took my kids off to an animal park Saturday morning to give my husband a break. He watched them on Sunday morning until lunch so I could sew. Sounds fair! I managed to get these block/row finished, a binding on a Linus quilt, and work most of the machine quilting on my SFRR3 quilt, which arrived last week. It has some hand beading & label to still add, but the binding is even on! It's really awesome and I can hardly wait to show it. The gals that worked on it before it came to me did a FANTASTIC job! On Sunday, I even got started quilting my ALQS3 Orca mini. This one is looking really good as well, but has a bit of quilting left still before it's July due date.
- Yesterday I shirred a piece of blue check that I've been waiting to make a smocked dress from, only to find I really dislike it. I've had it a couple years, and everytime I get ready to use it, something changes my mind. I have decided that this 5 1/2 yards of 60" check must go elsewhere. I perused the web for something I like better and found this. It will look fantastic, and is nice and playful for my daughter when she turns three in August.

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