Friday, June 05, 2009

A 5 yr old, some graph paper and a box of squares

Seems like innocent enough fun, right? Last Friday morning while my 2 year old was having physical therapy, my almost 5 year old and I were busy coloring squares on graph paper. I had a plan to make a Linus quilt from assorted 4-1/2" squares cut last month. This box, incidently, has about 1500 various squares now!

This is what I colored (marked into 9 sections just for easier construction than long rows), and the greens and pinks pulled from the box. My son did not really understand the process until I showed him the finished quilt top a couple days later.
The finished quilt puckered up quite a lot when it was washed. It's almost hard to even see the quilting in the pictures. I did a vining-leaf pattern diagonally down each row.
The binding is cut on bias to better show off the pink and green plaid fabric I chose. I'm getting hooked on bias bindings, but really don't like the large triangles left in my fabric! In the bright morning sunshine...

The quilt is 40"x54" - a good size for a tween or older child (age 7-11). The backing is an Asian fan fabric that was bequeathed to me after a Linus function last year. It's not my taste, but who gives up 2-3 yards of good quality material? I knew it'd get used eventually. It coordinates well, and is even placed squarely (as I roll my eyes in utter surprise!).

VERY puckery and soft. This is quilt #32 for 2009 to be donated to Project Linus. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.
So what else is brewing???
  • I'm finishing up a wedding present which I'll show next week. It was unscheduled, and had to be done this week since the wedding is next week, so as a result, this threw my entire sewing plans askew.
  • I got back my Diamonds quilt from a very modestly priced machine quilter, and I am fixing things on it (yes, the adage "You get what you pay for" does hold true). But, thanks Lisa anyways, she did a fine job for this particular quilt!!
  • I'm making my last 2 birthday block swap blocks. One is for the hostess Kate, so I'm frantically trying to plan something appropriately designed.
  • Gearing up to quilt my Spring Fling Round Robin piece, as it is currently enroute to me.
  • I finished the flimsy for my ALQS3 art quilt. It'll get quilted in a week or so. I like it, and you will too if you like Orca.
  • Just finished my row for the Row Robin - post this soon
  • Did my 5"x4" addition for the yahoo bloggers round robin. It's mailed already-
  • And, if that is not enough, I am thinking seriously about starting a birthday smocked dress for Sophie, if I can possibly find the time :-)

Have a good weekend


Desiree said...

Make your biased binding by using a long thin piece of fabric, cutting it diagonally on one end and sewing the triangle you just cut off to the other end. You mark your lines, pin and sew and then you cut one huge long coninuous strip of binding. Works excellent and no odd-shaped triangles in fabric, and also no having to sew little bitty pieces cut on the bias!

Love that the quilt puckered so much, that's my favorite. : )

Desiree said...

Oh PS double folded, biased binding wears like iron too so it great for kid's quilts!