Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twins for Project Linus

Some weeks ago I made this flimsy from some 10" Kaffe Fasset squares I bought last year. It's bold and bright, but left me with a few squares and strips of the material, and nothing but an idea of what to do with the remains. I have seen quilts done with randomly placed squares on a white background, and am often intrigued to make one. I usually pass because these require so little design work that I lose interest in the process. This time I gave it a try (the white one).
I gotta say, it is not my favorite quilt. This is in part due to my misdoings - I had to buy more white Kona and apparently what I bought was ever-so-slightly different in color than what I started with. It's a subtle difference, but it shows a little bit. I'm not really sure if that is why I don't "love" this quilt. It's OK, just not my favorite.
It puckered up a lot in the wash, so much so that the quilting pattern is hardly recognizeable. It was done with swirly curves.
Here's the black one. I like this a lot. Rather than quilting it in a black thread, so as to blend in on the sashing, I used a turquoise and purple variagated. It makes the quilting pop, which I like.
Perhaps I like this better because it is orderly. It is colorful, not just a vast expanse of white awaiting a few pops of color.

The back is a plaid that came from my mother's stash. It dates to sometime in the 1980's. I remember her having a skirt made from this material! Anyhow, it's unbelievably soft, almost like a flannel.
So maybe, they were not twins at all. Perhaps one is just the Ugly step-sister?!


jovaliquilts said...

I like them both, but I guess I prefer the black one, too. Love the visible quilting and the backing is perfect!

Helen Conway said...

I agree the black one is much nicer - I think the white one is just too much contrast between KF fabric and background