Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spring Fling Round Robin Progress

One of the swaps I have hosted 3 times, the Spring Fling Round Robin is wrapping up it's current session. I thought I'd show some of the work done. These could not be posted during the swap because it was a secret who's quilt we were working on. The end recipients each made the center blocks for their quilts so it was kind of obvious!
Here's the quilt I ended up quilting. It was made by Lil and Kate (go to the link above for their individual URL's) - both fantastically wonderful piecers and quilters. It went to Amy. Amy is a great quilter so I was kind of nervous working on this one for her. That's her center block (actually remade because the original one went missing in the mail along with this quilt which I made).
There's a little bit of beading at the flower centers. I quilted the background areas in floating feathers. It's bright little quiltie and I really love how it turned out.
...Center square, made by me. It went through the mail a few months and ended up looking like this (previously posted). This now resides in my house, all finished.
This center (just the dresden) was made by Laila. I added the pickles-n-curves 1st border and placed it on point. She used all CW repros, so I had to dig deep in my scraps to find similar fabrics.
Here's what her finished quilt turned out to look like, after another border was added, and yet another person quilted it.
And, Gina made the paper-pieced center for this quilt. John added the 2" triangle border. Then I turned it on point and added the stripey border in dark colors to help ground the churning busyness that this quilt was displaying. It's awesome piecing. This picture shows the quilt after Jen quilted it.
And another quilt top met it's demise between the UK and Luxemburg. I had to make a flimsy. I had pictures of the center and 1st border to copy, but not the 2nd border (just a snippet). It's similar, but not exact, as I had none of the original fabrics. Lil did a great job of quilting this, as always, and it was sent to Rita. We don't yet know if it was received or is also MIA.
This round robin gets generally good comments from it's swappers. They like the process and the end result. Will there be a next session???... Yea, probably. Sometime in the early fall though, and there will likely be another twist (this was the first session where we made our center square - which required only limitted blogging of borders). Stay tuned...


Hedgehog said...

The one for Amy is just lovely!!

Rita said...

You've spoiled the surprise! I haven't received yet but thank you for stepping in to make a replacement... I hope it's not lost again...