Thursday, October 08, 2009

Clarity, a day later

I couldn't have been more right yesterday when I thought that these blocks might be better off sashed, despite not planning to do so initially. Fortunately I had a couple yards of ivory Kona on hand which matched nicely. There is a certain randomness amongst the blocks, which I was going for.
Yet, the sashing makes the random nature of the fabrics and design have a sense of order too. I will machine quilt this soon (I hope) and bind it in dark brown. It fits a twin bed, and with any luck will be snatched up from my Etsy shop once it is listed.
With not finishing quilts lately, I have had a void of hand work to do in my evenings while I watch the TV. So a few weeks ago, I dug these out (which I got for my birthday a few months ago, and really had just not had a grand epiphany as to what to use them for), and began designing a mostly hand sewn piece. It has lots of bias strips on the plan, as well as more appliqued flowers. I have many feet of 1/4" bias strips in a few shades of green ready for an intricate swirling pattern around the border.
(before I added the corner applique)
And after the lotus flowers were hand appliqued. Yes, it is all needle turn, which is a totay joy to do with the hand-dyes. They are so tightly woven that nothing really ravels or streaches out of place. The green border will connect into the bottoms of the flowers. That is why they are not sewn completely down yet. I have a plan for something in the center, and perhaps another border as well.
...and a close up of the corner. I love the drunkards path border in very subtly changing shades of indigo. Stay tuned, there will probably be another update to this in the coming weeks.

And the moment we have all been awaiting (or at least I have been waiting for)...the LA is officially here. I am something excited!! There are a few additional items that my rep may have neglected to order which I must followup on, but the big boxes are here. I've never had a UPS delivery need to come to be via 18-wheeler semi tractor trailor truck!
My agenda...
  • Get said machine out of box and installed. Something tells me it will take longer than the 3-4 hours suggested
  • Find my 2nd favorite quilt for the Online Bloggers Quilt Festival which starts tomorrow
  • Probably go buy some batting. I have ordered 60 yards wholesale 12 days ago, and it has not yet arrived. Must be coming by camel! Looks like I may need some before this weekend is over.


Lee said...

oh how Christmas early. good luck getting all set up and working.

Trish said...

WooHoo...This is so exciting!!! Can't wait to see it all set up, congratulations!

Mrs Moen said...

Hi! I could not find your email address, so I'll leave my response to your comment here.

Thank you so much for the comment you left on my entry to the Festival.

I am happy (probably not the right word..) that my work touches so many other people, even if I made it as a way to deal with the whole thing myself. I have to add that I did ask my daughter’s permission to tell our story, and she was only happy I would do it. Some stories just need to be told.

Best regards
Nina Lise
AKA Mrs Moen

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you can do with the long arm. The blue mini is gorgeous, beautiful fabrics!