Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The first stitches...

Houston, we have liftoff. Finally. My LA is functional. I have a minor thing of finding out why I cannot determine where the laser pointer goes, but that is simple compared to not having a rail to place the carriage onto. Last night I figured out to thread the thing and how to make a bobbin. I loaded on some cheap muslin and tested a few stitches before I crashed in bed. I have done a little bit more today, but still have plenty of practicing to go.
In case you are thinking I have a sewing cave...You are right. It's a modified basement space. Not gorgeous, but 800 square feet all for me, and my 4 machines, iron, fabric stash. I have an electrician coming later this week to install overhead lights across the length of the longarm. I can't wait!
A peek at some of last night's doodling...Don't scrutinize too harshly. I know I have a ways to go before I am competent enough to quilt for hire. I ordered a few "tools" today (1/4" guides in various shapes) and 4 pantographs to practise on. My damn batting has not arrived yet and the stinking company has not returned my call either. That's my largest holdup in practising more - I hate to go buy more when I have 60 yards of 96" wide coming, allegedly. Must be coming via camel. I really want to make decent feathers so I think I have to invest in a book or two to show me some technique. Suggestions??
And real work from the weekend... I have made 5 more blocks for my row robin quilt. These are red & green stars. Hopefully I will get usable blocks from all partners, but I guess it's nice to have a few more. At least I know I like them!
...and a close up look.
I'll show more soon when I feel it is interesting!


~Michelle~ said...

Looks great!

Emma said...

I am incredibly jealous! I think your quilting looks great, and knowing you it will only get better.

Trish said...

I haven't ventured into feathers yet, but 'The Art of McTavishing' by Karen McTavish is a really good book and the Pajama Quilter video by Dawn Ramirez is really good too.

ANudge said...

I think your quilting is good enough for hiring out. You could do what a quilter did here - she did charity quilts for free and practiced, then as she felt more confident she quilted utility quilts for rock bottom prices, now she is a fab quilter!

Love your doodleling(sp),

Elizabeth said...

Looks good to me. Isn't it great when everything is in order?