Sunday, February 21, 2010

A lovely Applique Quilt enroute to a happy owner

A post of few words today, but I suspect that this owner will be doing a happy dance this week. She's already seen a few sneek peeks, so it's not a complete surprise, but I know she's liked the pictures I have showed her.
This is by far the best blanket stitching applique I have ever seen. I have no idea what machine she has, but it does a fantastic job. It is a full-sized quilt and is of the most vibrant marbles. Just lovely in person. I would have normally done some quilting on top of the appliques (or more than the basic outlining I did) but they are stiff from the stabilizer and layers of fusible. I hope, hope, hope that washing will soften the bouquets a bit. I had to sneak a few quilted flowers into the center bouquet too. Wonder if she will notice...
Rather than quilt each block differently, I selected one common thread (the aqua of the sashing) and did a swirly all-over in the blocks. It makes them more cohesive since there are so many colors used.
The wide border was a blast - twirly whirly feathers and then more feathering amidst the appliques.
The texture is amazing. It is flannel backed and it is SO apparent what good fabrics and nice weight batting (Hobbs Heirloom) can do for creating awesome texture. Thinner, cheaper fabrics and batting just make the quilt look flat, regardless of how it is quilted.
Yvette...Hope you love this when you get it as much as I do! And I am ready for your other quilts too-


creativedawn said...

the quilt itself is awesome beautiful; your quilting makes it one spectacularly stunning work of art! WOW! I really loved the flowers in the center; really nice touch!

Yvette said...

You really created a masterpiece. I can't wait to get it bound so I can go show it off to the quilt group I belong to.

I need to hurry and get my others out to you before you get so popular you can't take anymore.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! It is STUNNING!!!!!

Yvette said...

I forgot to add.....YES, I noticed the extra flowers. SO ADORABLE!!! Seriously, I can't stop looking at it.

Oh, I use Bernina's. :)

Joy said...

I have returned to drool over these pictures several times! I loved the quilt top when Yvette finished it, but your quilting has indeed helped make a masterpiece!

I'm just in awe. I'm already eyeing a few UFO's and thinking I need to start saving to send them to you! You do BEAUTIFUL WORK!

Petra said...

It is soooo beautiful!!
The flowers are so great. I love it.

Happy stiching

Fiesta said...

I saw this quilt at a local quilt show. It was the raffle quilt. Do you think the owner would mind if you shared the pattern name? It is exquisite and you did a lovely job quilting it.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Amazing quilt and quilting!!

bingo~bonnie said...

I la,la,LOVE eVeRyThInG about this quilt!!!! the QUILTING, the fabrics, the colors, the patterns... LOVE it!!!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie