Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Pics after about 12 hours of Quilting

Sadly, I think I have to revise my time estimate for this quilt from 18 hours to about 24 hours! I have just made it more complicated than initially thought. The ditch stitching and constant stopping and starting is very time consuming. I am, however, very pleased with how it is looking. These pictures are from Saturday and Sunday.
The first two of the eight feathered star points are done (above). I waffled as to whether I wanted to leave them a bit more poofy or go with what Carla Barrett had designed. In the end, I decided to trust her judgement, in hopes that the center focal of the quilt really pops.
There are 2 stars like this on either side of the center medallion star.
I am not convinced that I love the pebbling, despite thinking that I really wanted to do it. There are a couple places I need to pick out where the arc was not in exactly the right location (disregard that!). I am considering putting the pebbling in the star centers and perhaps in the teardrops (see 1st picture above) that are just outline stitched so that this quilting is echoed elsewhere on the quilt. Thoughts??? I am definitely known for overthinking my own work more so than I would something for another person.
And yes, in case it seems as though I am not making progress...here's the amount which is no longer on the floor! Here was 2 days before... Currently, there is only a foot of quilt beneath the belly bar (the end is in sight, and may be realized on Wednesday or Thursday!).


Strlady said...

Gorgeous Margaret! Absolutely beautiful!

luv2quilt2 said...

It's stunning! Can't wait to see the final product

Pat said...

The work you do is just so beautiful and breath taking. You are a fabulus quilter. I love your blog and enjoy seeing your work.