Monday, March 29, 2010

Hard to Imagine...

I, personally, love to applique -- the traditional way, needle turning every edge, and by hand. But even I have a hard time imagining that anyone can applique THIS much! This quilt came to me earlier this month, and is a block of the month pattern called Affairs of the Heart. It's gorgeous, truly exquisite. If the applique is not enough, all of the gold/yellow filigree is stem stitched. Holy Cow!
So I guess it is no wonder why the carpal tunnel in my right arm is acting up a bit. I spent an insane amount of time doing very careful outlining and detail quilting as neatly as I could. I opted to simply stipple the black background because, honestly, I didn't think it would show that much. It is funny how it never really shows much until it is taken OFF of the frame! I really just wanted the background quilting to disappear and let the appliques show.
The quilt has wide - 8" borders. In honor of the BOM name, and the fact that nearly each block has hearts on it, I did a feathered heart on each side of the wide border in a red variagated rainbow thread. I carried the red color through as ribboning along the spines of the border's feathering. The borders are a touch busy, but I think that they relate to the quilt.
I have discovered that Rainbows "Rain Forest" is one of my favorites. I used it on the feathering here as well as on a previous batik quilt. I also used an orange variagated on the appliques.
Quilt backs always take on a life of their own, which is neat. On this one, the bobbin was black throughout, so it just appears as texture. You can see the border quilting and something different for each of the blocks -- all 36 of them!
Since I love the many blocks so much, I will show several of them here.
I outlined around the yellow embroidery filigree, and quilted on the flower petals.

I quilted along the swirls on the green hearts and around the white ones.

This one has more quilting on the appliques themselves, along several petals, around the green and on the hearts.

You get the idea...
I like this one - like flaming & colorful artichokes. Appropriate since the quilt was mailed back to California today :-)

The colors here are so vibrant - I love that all the heart-y petals are different colored.

It is ever so pretty, and most detailed. I have to gear up for the next wave of quilts after my daughter has surgery next week. We are beginning to prepare ourselves for a week of high stress, little-to-no sewing, and probably the same for our sleep. She is having a 2nd surgery on her feet to correct for having been born with damned club feet. It really sucks. She's my shining angel, the absolute sweetest of all little girls. It just kills me to have to put her through this ordeal at age three. Wish us all luck-


Yvette said...

Margaret, you did it again. I am floored! This looks better than I had imagined. I can't wait to get the binding on and show it off. Thank you so much!!

Not Lucy said...

Lots of love going out to your little one as she heads in for surgery. My cousin was born with club feet back in 1976 and had to have several surgeries even before she was 3 and she was the sweetest little baby and has grown into a beautiful young woman with a little one of her own now.

Wendy said...

Another stunning quilt, Margaret! I love your hearts in the border. Best wishes to you and your family through the stress of your sweet daughter's surgery.

Vicki W said...

What a treat to be able to work on such a beautiful quilt!

I hope everything goes well for your daughter. Hopefully she is young enough that she will have no memory of these surgeries when she is older.

Leah said...

What a beautiful quilt - you and the maker (Yvette?) should both be very proud of yourselves :) I'll be thinking of you and your family as your little one undergoes surgery xx

Brenda said...

Margaret, Can you tell me what you charge for quilting quilts on your long arm?
Hope your daughter is recovering well from her surgery. praying for her.

black bear cabin said...

WOW!!! Wow to the quilting and Wow to the quilt! Lovely :)
As for your sending hugs and healing juju her way for a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Love the border!

Melissa in NJ said...

I really don't have words for the beauty of that quilt. Both for the quiltmakers amazing talent (and patience) and for your wonderful quilting skills.


Melissa in NJ