Sunday, March 07, 2010

More Awesome Backwards Weather

But who's complaining??! Not me. It is early March and it's 55F here today. Rare I tell you, but becomming more the norm this year.

It's a peaceful day here at Casa Quilts of Love. My husband and younger two kids went to my mom's for the day. My daughter was dying to play with my cousin's girls (he's up from CT this weekend), but I dummied up and goofed dates on my oldest's friend's birthday party. Thought it was yesterday, turns out it was today. So he and I stayed home so I could shuttle him to the party and "take care of business". I have a good bit of school prep to do (and Lord knows I can find some sewing to do as well!).

I have done my next blocks for the Quilt block round robin. It's a bit of a tedious star, but my 2 blocks (on right) are done. Now to mail on to Carol.
And here's the black & white houses for the Bees Knees quilting bee. Seems simple enough. Really sucks that I made one errant cut on her original fabrics. I had to go dig out black and whites from stash and remake them! Hopefully it will be ok.
And a few sneek peeks of a client's quilts. They will get mailed back to her once I finish removing chalk marks. She's actually local to me, within an hour's drive but prefers the USPS!
This one I finished this afternoon. It's a 45" wall hanging. I was actually cursing it a bit because the damn brown threads were showing here and there through the white fabric. I don't know what the white is, but I need to tell her about heavier weights like Kona. Once I laid it in my hallway and opened the door to allow lots of natural light, I loved the texture.
I tried to keep the quilting relatively simple - ie., no outline/ditch stitching. I put leaf wreaths in each card-trick block, and a leaf motif in the center. The background is just filled with a peacock fill. This client generally prefers less quilting to more, but since it is a wallhanging, I probably did more than I might have otherwise done.
I like it, and hope she does. Who doesn't love a feathered bordered?
This is another of her quilts. It's a similar pattern, but with different borders, and a bit larger.

Again, more simple, but pretty quilting. I copied a flower motif that is in the owl fabric into the loopy-flower fill I used. Because of the pink, it is obviously for a girl and it can handle the flowers and swirls to make it more feminine.
And lastly, a very bright DP9. And as advertised, this simple quilting scheme produces the softest quilts! They just mold around you.


Lisa Marie said...

Stunning, Beautiful quilting! Thanks for sharing!

Yvette said...

They are just beautiful! I really enjoy looking at your work. I am thankful that I can actually hold one in my hands. :)

Karen said...

Your quilting is beautiful! I enjoy seeing your artistry!

bingo~bonnie said...

ooough your client sure has a talent for choosing such beautiful complimentary colors and you have quite the talent for choosing quilting to compliment the quilt! Love both of your work!

I'm so looking forward to July so I can use my birthday bucks and send you my 1930's star sampler! :)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie