Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Happenings

I spent a day or so's free time preparing for my oldest's 8th birthday party which was yesterday. He had 10 friends to a party at a bowling alley! The kids had fun with the bowling (we have mini or 10-pin bowling), the arcade games and pizza. The biggest hits of the afternoon were the roll of quarters I had to dole out and the re-lighting sparkler candles!
It's been a busy week of this and that, and not a ton of what I really need to be tackling (ie., the quilt below!). I have started it, and spent 3-4 hours on it, but this week I must hit it hard. I have more work arriving later in the week. It's gorgeous applique done by hand and is immensely time consuming to quilt. I have to be SO careful. I thought a couple afternoons of doing piecing and tying up loose ends in my sewing room might give my arm/wrist a break from the continuing carpal tunnel that is creeping in again. Yuck!
Earlier in the week I added the flower at the center of this piece, and today I added the green piping and the outermost deep purple border. This is my piece for the Maine Quilt Show in August. It's 95% finished. I have just a couple things left in mind before I get the backing prepped and get it quilted. I am so tickled how it's changed just by adding the outer borders. I'll get a better picture soon (this was taken in the dungeon where I like to sew).
A month or so ago I went to my oldest son's 2nd grade class and spent an afternoon teaching them about quilts. It was a blast and I am so surprised how interested they all were. We talked about the secret code of Harriet Tubman and the Underground RR, and then had a couple projects. They made these self-portraits using fabric pens. I did a similar project 2 yrs ago when he was in kindergarten - that quilt turned out great. He came home last week with the pile of 6"x6" portraits that I need to get made into a quilt. To date, 19 of them are now bordered and I have a concept for the remainder of the quilt.
I machine quilted a couple banners this week too - one for my business. The pic below is the back of it. I am a guest vendor at a Linus blanket show this weekend. The other banner is for the Linus coordinator. It's simpler but cute.
And a close up of the really quick quilting... It's nothing gorgeous, but then the coordinator wanted this done yesterday.
I spent time this week making a couple of blocks for the Bees Knees quilting bee. April is my month, and I have designed a paper-pieced tea-leaf block. I needed to write a tutorial because I don't know how many people are skilled at foundation piecing. It took a while to do the tutorial, taking a picture after each row of stitching. I think I made the 2nd block in about 15 minutes! I know it's a bit of an odd combination of colors and fabrics, but my EQ6 rendition of the quilt is great!
And lastly, I leave you with a cute picture of my 3-1/2 year old. She's my shining light, and the sweetest thing ever.


Trudi said...

Wow, what a busy week! I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt you show quilt! And for the Bees Knees blocks to arrive! What a great block! Can't wait now!

Yvette said...

Happy Birthday to your 8 year old! What an adorable little girl too, I just don't know where you spend the time sewing. You are a supermom.

Your quilt show quilt is unbelievable! What a treasure you are creating. I can't wait to see the final product and see how it does at the show.

I need you to make a button or something so I can attach it to my blog's sidebar. Your quilting is fabulous and should be shared.

Kathy said...

That portrait quilt for your son's class is just precious! I love the drawings and the way the drawings look framed up in your black prints.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I think the portrait quilts are such fun!

Carpal tunnel pain isn't so great. I have a smidge of it and my doctor recommended a series of hand exercises to strengthen my fingers and wrists. Just go to the sporting goods store and get one of those flexible rock climbers hand exerciser things. Not sure what they're called but it's a good thing.

Can't wait to see this quilt after it's all quilted and ready for the show. :-)

Sherry said...

I'm behind looking at my blogs just looking at your and I see what you have done with your sons class and I ahve a question. Did you give them all a piece of cotton and the fabric pens so they could do them. How did you get the cotton to hold still.
I love your blog I only wish I had more time to sew more.
Thanks for sharing with us all.