Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Quilt - "Berries-n-Blossoms"

An old friend of my husband's had a baby girl a month or so ago. I just love sewing for little girls. I do pink and purple and frilly real well (bugs and transportation and shades of blue are not really in my design portfolio!). I got that Lakehouse Dry Goods hydrangea fabric back when I was making Sophie's dress quilt, but it didn't match. It is, however, just lovely and has a sheen on it similar to the Fairy Frosts. And it coordinated well with another Lakehouse fabric - the cherries.
It's definitely only a crib size 38"46" or so, but a size I can manage to get cut, pieced, quilted and bound in about 4 weeks! It was only an hour or so to quilt. I took a floral/leafy/ribbon swirl design I saw on a website (this lady quilted for me a couple years ago!). I found a couple things she was doing in her flowers that looked better than how I did them. The quilting, though not at all dense, came out pretty, and best of all, girly.
Today it went off in the mail to its new home.
I was short about 10" of having enough of the softer colored backing (long since discontinued), hence the bolder band of dark raspberry!
I have had the luxury of time the last few days, in that quilts are coming for me to quilt, but I can afford to putter on my own quilt. I got the borders on this quilt, after removing it from the frame a week or more ago. I am pleased with how they turned out. You'll just have to wait. I have started the painful ditch quilting too around all of the swirls in the outer corners. One corner down... yikes!

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