Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Taking a Deep Breath

At T-minus one day for my youngest kid's surgery, I am feeling more than a bit stressed out. I'm unnerved because I hate the hospital. I hate subjecting her at a mere three and a half to that world. Nothing that happens in the hospital is fun. Perhaps necessary, but not fun. We did our "visit" last night and I almost wish we had not. She hardly said 2 words. The woman who toured us around gave her a stuffed moose to be uer surgery buddy. At bedtime, she tossed it out into the hallway and told me that the moose could sleep with daddy and I. If that doesn't exemplify her thoughts, nothing does. I'll be glad when tomorrow is over, even though things then will be harder than now. I just want my little girl home and not in pain. Casts we can manage with for 6 weeks, but pain breaks my heart.

I have spent the week puttering, partly because I don't really want to start on anything only to leave it for 1-2 weeks. Partly because my mind was not into sewing much. I have prepped a couple of hand sewing things to take tomorrow. And this morning I threw this together. A friend of my husband's had a baby girl last week. I've been hoarding the Lakehouse fabrics for a while now, patiently awaiting a baby girl to make a quilt for. Maybe in a month or so I will manage to get it quilted. At the moment, I have my applique show quilt loaded on the LA, and it will be there for at least a week once I start quilting again!
And since I am showing baby quilts, the next two were completed 1-2 weeks ago for a client who is expecting twin grand-daughters in a few weeks. This is an odd log cabin pattern, made in reverse for the other baby. It is intended to look like two hearts.
The fabrics are not the best (mostly Joann's $3/yard stuff and not overly soft), but I tried to make the quilting as pretty as possible to counteract that. She wanted hearts quilted. I added a layer of batting to make the two feathered hearts trapunto'd. It has a nice effect.
She also wanted a hidden butterfly or two.

The owner was very pleased. I hope and suspect that these will generate some more local business. She claims to have friends that quilt and would love to have a local quilter. Works for me.

And one last note of interest (maybe?!)...I am told that Amy formerly of Park City Girl is doing a short expose on none other than me on her blog. This is scheduled (unless that agenda has changed) for tomorrow. Check it out here if you want. She is the host of the previous two sessions of the Blogger's quilt Festival.


Quilt Maven said...

Hang in there Mom. While hospitals are a scary place, your little one will not remember this experience in the long run. My son had surgery when he was 4 and today at 23 doesn't remember any of it. He was really upset at the beginning but it wasn't anything a little phenobarbitol up the nose couldn't calm.

Here's hoping for a calm, uneventful surgery day!

Yvette said...

Your post just breaks my heart. I know your baby will be fine but it is the parents that always have the most stress. Take care and try to stay busy.

Trudi said...

My heart goes out to you, nothing worse than seeing your children suffering. Hope all goes well for her tomorrow, and she takes her own special cuddly to be her buddy :) Remember to look after yourself tomorrow too :)

The two quilts are beautiful, what a fantastic job you made of them!

Kat said...

Oh my, I know that stress. I nanny and my sweet boy just got out of a half-body cast after surgery to reset his hip. It's as hard on us as it is on them I think. You guys can do it. This will pass, and she'll be up and running again.

Rhonda said...

Bless your heart. Surgery can be a stressful time expecially when a child is involved. My prayers are with your family.

Your quilting is just outstanding and that word doesn't come close to describing it. WOW! I'd love to have you quilt one for me...what are your thougts???

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Emma said...

I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your girl. Your quilting is as beautiful as ever; I'm very jealous of your chance to quilt so may great quilts!