Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tapping into that Euphoric High

Ever since I found out 2 days ago that I had won a ribbon for my quilt that I entered in the Machine Quilter's Exposition, I have been on cloud nine. I had not stitched in nearly a week, but that afternoon I managed to find the mojo to get started on the quilting of this quilt. It was not until this morning that I got the email notifying me of which award I actually won. I am astounded, honestly. Never in a million years did I think that this would happen to me. My quilt won the Rookie of the Year award, with a monetary (& thread!) prize to boot! Yes, I won the Best of the worst quilters!! Ha Ha! I can hardly wait until Saturday to go to Providence to see the quilts!!

This is a rather small quilt (below) in comparison to many I quilt. It is only about 48" square. Frankly, I couldn't hand applique any more to make it larger, and I don't know where I'd hang it in my house if I had! These are "in works" photos, so I am aware that there are things that need fixing. Namely, there are some applique stitches that need some clever hiding via fabric pens. I am a little disappointed in how flat it is turning out. It has a thin layer of poly batt and a nice wool batt (like what I used on the quilt at MQX). I think that the rather dense quilting is part of what is causing flatness, but the batik fabric is the other. It is a tight weave. Who knows, the quilts always take on a different life when they are off the frame. It may poof up a touch in the end. It's a fine line between wanting to have a good amount of detail quilting, and not wanting to create a quilted board.
I have used 2 different background fillers so far -- the pseudo McTavishing in the darkest background and the pebbles inboard of that. I am quilting radiating rays out from the center (as I am sure you can see - they are marked!).
I have made it out to the 1 week post surgery date. We are one-sixth of the way to getting the casts off. Sophie is doing better in terms of the lung infection and her general ability to move around. She's anxious to get the "walking" casts put on tomorrow. For me, however, this is another adventure with general anesthesia I am not totally prepared for. Despite it being touted as a simple procedure, I am sure it won't be a real simple day. It is, though, one day closer to being through with this process.


Sherry said...

You did good girl. You should still be on cloud nine.
WIshing the best to you and Sophie today. Hope things go well.

Yvette said...

First of all, I am so happy that Sophie is getting better. I have been praying for her and was hoping she is on the mend.

Congratulations on your win!!!! WOO HOO!!! Now I can say I have my quilts done by an AWARD WINNING QUILTER. ;)

Strlady said...

Congratulations!!! How thrilling to get top prize, but honestly not surprising. That piece was a work of art and absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy for you.

Trish said...

It was a well deserved win. Both the quilt and the quilting are gorgeous.