Friday, June 11, 2010

Christmas in June

OK, this cherrub has nothing to do with that title, but she was too cute in her many polka dots in front of my most fragrant roses. What will I do when she doesn't want to pose for the camera???
A client called last weekend. She had a rush job. It was a Christmas tree skirt. I thought it all sounded a bit odd, but heck, work is work. And a rush job just means a little bit more $$. The entire piece only took about 3 hours anyways.
Turns out her son is getting married in a week and was feeling sour that his sisters had gotten their tree skirts and he hadn't. Mom was feeling guilty. This was fun. Short and sweet. Except for the fact that I'd never quilted anything that was not square or rectangular, it all seemed elementary. Thank goodness for pins. Heck, I could quilt a circle!
The skirts of the sisters were quilted with metallic gold thread. I refused to mess with that for the first time on a rush job, so I selected a polyester Rainbows thread for the red and tan areas. It had a nice sheen and looked festive & formal. Oddly, the thread in the dark green is only a sage green, and not even a Rainbows. It looks as though it is gold metallic! What dumb, blind luck on this one!
I have pushed through several other things this week, in preparation for having kids home after next Wed. Oh, the school year IS too short!! I have a commission quilt quilted and awaiting it's binding (as I think, "just a binding away from a paycheck!"), and two other quilt tops in the works for after I finish, hmmmm... ah, 4 customer quilts. Sigh...there won't be any breaks until I am in Florida in just 4 short weeks. And if there is magic or a God out there, I hope there won't be oil in Florida too (double sigh!).

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