Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Putterings

Ok, so this really represents much of my week's putterings. I did quilt a couple customer quilts as well but I won't show them until they are received. I always have the itch to piece. Seems that this comes when I have a ton of quilting that really needs doing. Right now, I have a couple customer quilts, a commisison quilt and 3 of my own that need to be done. But this is what I started on Thursday...there are only another 25 blocks (yes, only) to make. And then hope that all the triangles fit together well.
I quilted this up this week. It's turned out not to be my favorite quilt. It has some great brown and aqua fabrics, but somehow it just does not make me sing as I hoped it would. Most of the blocks were from the Fresh Comfort Bee (see sidebar for link). The ladies did a good job, but it's just not me. Plus I pieced it wrong so it is axisymmetri and I was too lazy to take it apart.
I did a different type of quilting, not just that average stippling that I see all over the Bee quilts. The aqua areas are done in a fun swirl pattern and the browns are in a free-form leaf. I intentionally tried to NOT quilt it with traditional (aka very neat and well formed) feathers. I like the modern look, just not when it becomes messy. I'm a bit disappointed in my thread choice - wish that I picked a slightly lighter shade of aqua rather than the deep teal. Oh well!
It's all bound and destined to be sold (hopefully). Now to get some backings ready for the mod samplers I did a couple weeks ago. I also have a most unusual thing on my longarm - It is a rush job for a Christmas Tree skirt! I never envisioned quilting an octagon, but it looks doable! Oh dear, only a week and a half until the boys are out of school for the summer and I will probably be going bonkers!


Angie said...

I love the swirls -- beautiful quilting!
Angie @

~Michelle~ said...

oh, I'm diggin' the triangles!

Tanya said...

It's really pretty...I was told years ago a gray thread blends into most fabrics well, so you might want to keep that in mind in the future, you'll probably find something like a light blue aqua with a hint of gray to the color would have worked really well for this quilt. I generally like the look I get with gray-toned sewing and quilting threads.