Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesdays are Just For Me

Well it is official. The MQX (AKA Machine Quilater's Exposition) registration for classes opened yesterday, and I have already shelled out nearly $1000. Merry Christmas to Me... The plethora of options over 6 days is mind boggling. There are hundreds of possible classes from which to choose. I went into the process planning on a maximum of 3 days there...April 13-15, and a plan to select classes by some good and well known instructors. Because of scheduling, I was not able to get all of my choices, but it is always a compromise when there are this many possibilities. I have 2 full days of classes, and one half day -- so that I have half a day to see the quilts and do some shopping too.

Here's what I registered for:
1. Renae Haddadin's Throw them a Curve...or Play it Straight class on fillers
2. Linda McCuen's (who is a judge) Bit of Bella Whole cloth class
3. Dawn Cavanaugh's Background gridwork Fillers
4. Gina Perkes's Fantabulous Feathers and Fills
5. Linda Thiefoldt's Terrific Trapunto.

It is a nice blend of things I want to improve upon and things that I just want to expand my horizons towards. I live about 3 hours from Providence, RI, and hope to be staying closeby with family. But if you are anywhere near there, check out www.mqxshow.com and go register for some of the absolute best quilting classes ever. They cater to both the longarm quilter as well as those who use a domestic.

Here's my bit of horror for this week. I got word that Handi Quilter has made banners of some of in their advertising campaign to hang at Houston's Quilt Market/Festival. I really should not be so bugged, I guess. This is a huge honor. It's jsut that when I saw this, I really wished I'd done something more with my hair and had that nose job! I'm sure these banners will be at other large quilt shows. Who knows, maybe I'll see myself at MQX! That's be neat. The quilt in the banner has been photoshopped so it's a modified color (like why couldn't he trim my long pointy nose and growing cabbose while he was at it??!), but it is this one. Remember?


Linda said...

Oh my gosh you look great in that pic! I know exactly what you mean. I am always critical of pics of myself. YOU could teach at the MQXShow! Your work is stunning!

Yvette said...

I wonder if that banner will be at the Road To California quilt show in January. If so, I will take a picture and yell, "THAT'S MARGARET!" ;)

Your classes sound exciting. I foresee in the future you will be teaching classes one day.

Ellen said...

That banner is so cool! You're famous and beautiful. What a fun thing to look forward to also.