Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seasonal Quilts

Since August, I have quilted 3 holiday quilts for a lady. I'm kinda peeved because I cannot find the Thanksgiving ones, but that is another story!

Here's her first quilt - Halloween. It is a lap quilt in which she embroidered the hell out of it. I haven't the skill or patience to embroider like she did.
Just look at all those french knots??!!
And the Christmas one I did more recently. It's only a 24" wall hanging, which is not quite finished. She still needed to embellish the embroidered snow flakes with seed pearl beads.
Hope you had a great Turkey day-


Anne said...

Wow, I love the snow scene. You have captured the sense of movement beautifully - and the little snowballs (snowmen in waiting?) are a great touch. Well done!

jenclair said...

This must be my favorite Halloween quilt ever! I also love the snow scene...both are beautiful!

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love how that snow scene is quilted. The Halloween quilt is lovely too.

Petra said...

Wow, what great Halloween Quilt, the pumkin looks so great, i love it!!!
Love from Germany

Ivory Spring said...

Wow, the quilting on the snowman quilt is stunning! I just swooned!