Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Goodies in the Post

Guess it's no secret I have been selling and offloading some things I don't use, need or want anymore. My Paypal balance was getting up there so I decided to just go do a little shopping. I thought I might shop next month at MQX, which has the best selection of longarm vendors anywhere. But my shopping time will probably be somewhat limited and it's easier to select pantograph patterns online. I was lucky enough to find 2 of them second-hand via MQResource, and the rest came from Willow Leaf Studio. Now, copying pantographs (aka staring at a red laser dot for hours at a time!) is not my favorite thing to do by a long stretch, but there are plenty of clients that request them, as well as quilts that are best off with a panto versus a custom quilting.

There's a little of everything - little bit of geometric for those more male quilts, some good fluer-de-lis for a quilt coming my way next week, and others that I just liked. Maybe there is something here you'd like on a quilt!

1 comment:

Katie said...

I just used that last *butterfly* panto for the border of my quilt going to Japan relief efforts. Worked out and turned out really cute!