Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday and Jelly Rolls

It hardly seems possible that my oldest turns nine today. I'm tryng to be cheerful and happy, but something about his birthday always makes me have a sleepless night. Or maybe it was because the house remodel is about to start. The deck is noisily being removed as I type. Either way, my son is in a most assertive and somewhat sassy phase, testing his parents and siblings rather severely right now. Too many unnecessary battles for his dominance. Sigh. I will always think back to that Friday though, nine years ago. He came home from the hospital on Easter, but was most definitely born on a Good Friday. Happy Day, my dear. . Here's another quilt made by a client. They are blocks from the Flickr Jelly Roll sampler quilt-along. The fabrics are lovely, and remind me of an Asian influence, especially the border. I loved using the clamshells and circles - just brought out the Asian feeling more.

This quilt looks much different from the first one I did. The colors and quilting style are softer, subtler. Both pretty, just so different.
I like sampler quilts. They are fun to piece. Interesting to quilt. But always time-consuming because I have to think deeply about each block, and what features I wish to bring out.

And one glimpse of the back, which is really a dusty grayish color.

This blog is my blog. It is my avenue to vent my thoughts. I understand that these thoughts are sometimes not shared by the masses. None the less, if you don't like them, then go elsewhere, or accept that we have differences. I get it - I said something that really struck a nerve. Yes, it was unkind. I know that. I am sorry if I hurt feelings, as that was definitely not my intention. Tact is not always my strong suit. I was pretty hot and mad at the time and just needed to vent. And this has always been my venting spot. You can stop sending the anonymous hate mail. It just furthers my belief that you are a bunch of cowards. And for all of you that have no idea what this is about, ignore it.


Strlady said...

Oi girl. Sorry about the people that don't understand that your blog, your thoughts, your outlet. Honestly I have never understood that. If I don't like the content on a blog I delete them from my reader. No one is forcing me to read. So sorry.

Hope your little girl is doing well. I was over at Quilter's Village website and I saw you in one of the long arm ads (like the one you showed here on the blog). It was funny. I said - I know that gal! LOL!

Lovely quilting. Always so inspiring.
I can't wait to finish my Bali Star quilt. I know you will make the quilting just what my daughter deserves on her wedding quilt!

~Michelle~ said...

Well, also look at the positive - at least you know someone is reading! But I know very well that it's tedious to deal with those comments. Personally, I'm OK that you don't pull the BS...you know what you like & what your standards are... and for me, you're giving me a little motivation to send you something good to quilt. I'm still working on it, but that's sort of at the back of my mind - I'm not going to achieve anything spectacular, but if I can send you something that's not terrible, that's a worthy goal for me!

~Michelle~ said...

Oh, plus I'm well aware that your tastes differ from mine, and if I don't like it, I can stop reading (I really don't understand why people torture themselves unnecessarily - it's not like you're standing there with a gun, making them read your blog). Plus, I think everyone should be thankful that you live in a country that affords you the freedom of being able to voice your thoughts & opinions.

Linda said...

Not sure what you are talking about, but I know some people can just be nasty. I don't know why people read a blog if they don't like what's there?? Silly people.

I DO know that your quilting on this quilt is phenomenal...as always!! So inspiring too!! I have a teeny question...did you use a template when marking the spine on the feathers in the border! They are beautiful, by the way.

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Sorry about all your trouble, gosh. Difference in opinion is what makes the world go round. And you are right, if you don't like it walk away from it, or in this case click out of it. Ignore them!
Lovely quilt and quilting. Hang in there.

Esther Aliu said...

Love your blog and your creative quilting.

Jenny said...

I'm glad I found your blog!! You are a beautiful quilter!

Unknown said...

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