Saturday, March 05, 2011

Penny Longarm Quilting Sale

Penny Quilting Sale!! - Please note I have received 5 people for this sale already, but I will happily quilt your quilt at regular prices.

I have been really busy quilting these last couple of months, but most of it has been custom quilting. This is fun and pleasing work, but it is time consuming and taxing on me. I have not had the usual number of "easier" quilts to work in between the custom jobs that I normally have. So... I am offering you an opportunity to send me your more utility tops to have them quilted at a great deal.

These tops would not be ones that you want any ditch stitching or custom borders. They would probably not be ones that have been appliqued, but that is your choice. This is purely an edge-to-edge design, and it will be one of my medium density designs too. Designs to select from include a meander/stipple, loops, loops & hearts, water ripple, or perhaps swirls. These can be seen on my website . I am not doing paper pantograph patterns as a part of this sale, but I am a good freehand quilter and have a nice repetoire of my own patterns.

I will take the first 5 people that email me or post a comment (with a way to contact you). There are a few stipulations. Your quilt must be completed and ready to send. I want to receive these quilts within 10 days. The backing must be larger than the top 3-4" per side (all 4). Your quilt and backing absolutely must lie flat and be square as well. You may send batting, but you do not have to.

One cent per square inch for utility quilting is a tremendous deal. Here's how to figure your cost...
1) find square area of your quilt (length times width in inches) and multiply by 0.01
2) either send batting or I can supply at 0.0025 times the square inches
3) thread charge...$4 up to 60" square, $6.50 to a twin, $9 to a queen, $12 king.

No go ahead and email. Get those quilts finished and ready to snuggle under!

email me directly at

Nan S. -your comment was so I cannot email you back. Please email me at the above email addy.


Brenda said...

I am interested if you want to do another quilt for me. I have 3 laptop size quilts that are ready so I could send you one.

floribunda... aka Julie said...

that is a great deal! you did a quilt for me when you first started out, and I'd love to send you another... hmmm... which one from the stack?

Denise said...

I have a throw size top that has been sitting for ages. I would love to have it quilted by you.

Nan S. said...

I have a couple that are ready to go and do not require custom quilting. I would love to send them to you. I hopebthat you can see my email address when I post this since I don't want to put it on a public forum.

bingo~bonnie said...

this IS an awesome deal!! and lucky to those that replied in time. I've been so pleased with my Christmas Lights quilt that Margaret quilted for me when she was getting started.

And was really WOWed when she did her magic on the RMH charity quilt project! You will love what she does for you.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie