Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tuesdays are Just For Me

Ok, so my current copy of MQU arrived a day or so ago (which reminds me that a Dresden plate quilt in scrappy fabrics will go on my list of "Life's Makes" - love it!). Anyhow, what do I find on the 1st page of the magazine (behind the cover which is usually ripped half off!)...Yes, ME. I gotta say, I do not like my profile whatsoever. Noses should just be made petite for everyone. Oh well, this is not some fantabulous achievement here - just an advertisement that I stumbled into by my writing skills and love of quilting. Thanks Handi Quilter, the ad looks amazing!

On to real quilty things...
Here's the inspiration...
You guessed it - sea glass.
I absolutely love the tones that this stuff comes in. Nature's perfect accident. I know it comes in other shades too like amber, brown and red, but what I am doing may well focus only on these blues & greens. Time will tell. Here's the beachy background that you have seen before (now, however, it is 99% pieced together and with it's borders!). Wow, batiks are just beautiful. I love them.
I have made only about 25 of these - only another hundred or so to go! I bring the supplies when I go to Sophie's weekly appointments. So far, I like how this is going. I am going to try my hand at invisible machine applique.

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