Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

Finally, a nice weekend in the Northeast. Not cold, not wet - nice, typically spring weather. After last week's rains, the gardens are coming in nicely. I spent (no Mother's Day does not afford me the luxury of a "free" gardener - some things my husband just doesn't do) over 6 hours this weekend trimming bushes, clearing leaves from my flower gardens, and pulling weeds. My hands are still too sore to quilt anything technical! The garden below is not in my yard (I wish!), but visiting this tulip garden has become an annual event for us. We've done it every year except one since my oldest was 1. Some years they are relatively cooperative about getting the obligatory pictures taken. Others...well, just look.
My typically cooperative daughter was little Miss Silly Pants yesterday. She wouldn't stop giggling. My 9-year old kept picking and trying to eat the grass. I know...small things. In retrospect, it's better than the years when each kid tried to eat the tulips. But, still getting a good picture of all 3 when there is not a means to strap them to a seat is like herding wild kittens.

I have another dozen shots kind of like these. A bum in someone's face. A tongue out. Funny teeth. Micky-Mouse ears. Nanny-nanny-boo-boo looks. I'll have a ton of good ammo to show at their weddings someday.

This is about as good as they got. Not bad either.

My house is a flurry of activity and noise this morning, Finally. The framers are busy at work on the addition. Despite a frustrating setback a week or so ago with a previous builder, we are not behind schedule whatsoever. The foundation/excavator finished up Friday, and the building is starting today. Not much I like better to see at 7:30 on Monday morning than a lumber delivery...except for maybe the school bus :-) Have a good week. I'll be getting some quiltier things to show soon.


quilter501 said...

What a lovely family, Margaret! Enjoy them as they grow up and move away too soon.....and sometimes far away!

Sherry said...

What a great day you had for Mothers day memories that you will have for ever.

Kathy said...

Sweet photos for your memory book!

Desley said...

Glad to hear the building is underway.

Linda said...

Happy Mother's Day!

LynCC said...

What gorgeous pictures with you and the kids and the tulips. :D