Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lowell Quilt Show, Part 2

This is the post where I will show pictures of the top winners from the Lowell Quilt Show. But first, I got a kick out of this. It was parked in front of the auditorium where the show was. Wonder if they make them fora mini-van??...
We'll just get to the top winner. This is Linda Roy's Vintage Button Bouquet, and it is more than fitting for the Best in Show. It's amazing, hand quilted, hand rouched, tons of circles, micro quilted and then some. Can't even fathom doing all that hand quilting.

And I do come from a hand quilting background, but this is insane. That cross-hatching may be at most 1/2" apart.

This is Linda Laine Banner's William Morris Autumn, and it received the Exemplary Applique Award. If I am not mistaken, it said that she made this for the Joann contest. I remember reading about who won this some months ago, and it was not this quilt...hard to believe since this is lovely! And made from Joann fabrics!

and a closeup

Here's Armelia Spinello's Splendiferous, and it is. It's made with all silks, and just shimmers under the show lights. Just Beautiful.

And lastly, the Best Use of Color and Pictorial Winner is Medea Escaping by Marilyn Bedford. How do these people eved dream these things up?? They are so amazing. And this is large too, so it creates a very ominous feeling looking at it.

As I said before, the quilts at this show were great to see. Many familiar names, and many new ones. It was awesome to see some of the works of well known award-winning quilters up close. Yes, there were many more that I did not show; sorry...only so much time for filtering through pictures this week. I am off to the New England World Quilt Show on Thursday too. Phew! Overload!

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Desley said...

Thanks for sharing. That last quilt is amazing. I would love to be able to see that in person.