Friday, August 05, 2011


I always seem to get "idle" when I am mid-project. I am in the process of finishing this project.
Truth be told, I spent 6 hours just sewing the binding onto the quilt (it has a wierdly scalloped edge), and another 2 hours doing half of the hand stitching, and I think I may take it off and redo it! What a mood buster. This project is started, but since this one is still being worked on, and I can only hand applique one job at a time, things are moving a tad slow. I seem to only hand stitch an hour in the evening, which translates to just 2-3 leaves. My psyche needs to finish something. I am mentally taxed this summer dealing with too much fighting, whining and general bad behavior. I need kids to go back to school and give me time to think. No, make that time to complete things!

Yesterday was one of those rare days that gave my mind a rest. I had just the boys in the morning, and they were pretty nice to eachother, finally. In the late afternoon, I sat down with my new box of 120 crayons to color something I have been sketching on all week (yes, there was a little envy from 6 sad eyes over Mom getting this ginormous box of crayons...even if they have a box of 300 between them!). This was Tuesday's rendition...
And by Thursday, it had morphed into this. I envision intertwining ribbons in blues and greens and purples. I wish my drawing skills were better. More than that, I have no idea how this could ever be implimented with fabric. This is about the 3rd design idea in 2 weeks that I have worked on...a sure sign that I need to finish something else I have in the works, before I end up with another UFO.
Good afternoons have been a rare thing this summer. With 3 kids, there is always one that is pushing someone's buttons, usually mind. All three decided they'd make "their quilt design". My oldest thinks he wants to learn to sew. He heard what the MQX kid's prizes were, and wants in on a piece of the action! His quilt design is predictable for him, and maybe not the most simple for a 9-year old (despite urges to use the graph paper squares to design it!).

My nearly 5 year old likes to use lots of color. Must be the influences of the quilts in her room!

And middle-man does actually have quite an attention to detail when he sits down and actually does something. He spent 2 hours yesterday and only sketched his. Very symmetrical. Very stitchable. Yikes, do I see another project or 3 coming?


JHNickodemus said...

Haha I like that last one! It makes me think of when I was in third grade and I'd come up with this cool "original" design and I showed it to my mom...she said "That's a quilt pattern!" from then on, I've been doodling quilts!

Desley said...

You have very talented children. The third one is very doable, and would look great.