Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thread Review

Earlier this month before I left on vacation, I quilted several quilts. In this time, I was able to test out a couple of threads that are new to my repetoire. Typically, I sew most of the time with Superior's So Fine thread on the top and their Bottomline or SoFine in the bobbin. This combination works without breaks and issues. At MQX in April, I received a cone of Superior's Omni 40wt poly thread. I finally had a quilt that seemed perfect to try it out on.
This is one of Andrea's wedding quilts, one of 13 that are being given to her attendents next weekend. Thank goodness for her it is next weekend, as we are all awaiting the arrival of Irene tomorrow! The thread is strong, very suitable for pantographs and all-over quilting designs. In my opinion, it is too heavy for detail work, but good for many other places. I have a cone of tan, so the color was right here too. The thread has little sheen, like some other poly threads, but looks good, and ran without so much as a break. It required an 18 needle, so I did stock up on these at the World Quilt Show 2 weeks ago, and plan to order a few cones of the Omni with my next Superior order. It's run with Bottomline in the bobbin. Oh, and the best part is that it comes in 6000yd cones, 172 colors and has a price of $7.70 for the business owner ($12 for everyone else).

The other thread I stitched with for the first time is Wonderfil's Tutti, 50wt cotton thread. I got a cone of green last month with my MQS gift certificate, and figured I'd just test it out, along with several other threads to see what I want to buy with the remaining $700 of the award. much thread can one person buy?>?! I ran this thread with a matching So Fine in the bobbin. I seldomly quilt with cotton thread because it generates so much lint, but this was relatively low lint as cottons go. It is a fairly fine thread too, and looks nice as a panto.

I think I stitched with an 18 needle as well. I did have 5-6 thread breaks, which are annoying and slightly disruptive, but I'd be inclined to get a few cones of this thread too for E2E work. It runs $28 for 3000m - more expensive than most other comparative cotton threads, but since mine will be essentially "free", I will likely get some.

(above...another of Andrea's wedding quilts. Look at all those geese!)


Amy said...

Beautiful quilt! Your stitching really is very nice.

Superior Threads said...

Thank you so much for using our OMNI thread. It has been a well received thread.