Thursday, August 18, 2011

World Quilt Show - Half the Recap

Yes, you read that correctly. Half. HALF! Am I not the world's largest blooming idiot? I drove 2 hours each way to go to this show today, only to get back home and discover that half of the quilts were off in another hall...yes, the top show winners to boot. I am so freaking livid at myself for not looking at the program while I was there. I thought I was doing fine just looking at the quilts, but I suppose I am the fool for thinking so. Looks like Handi Quilter and the truck were there too. One more thing missed!

So, sadly, I cannot show you pictures of the top winners (smirk), but I have a few pictures of some others that struck my fancy. The quilt name labels were not right beside the quilts so I have done a miserable job of recording who did what. Appologies-
Below, is Marilyn Bedford's, which did win something.

This next ocean sceen was very neat to look at how it was constructed. Didn't photograph so interestingly.

This quilt has words and phrases quilted into the background about aging.

Just plain colorful and cool.

More abstract color.

This had an abundance or nicely placed micro-pipings on the top, and very nice quilting around the trapunto butterflies.

I believe this was Germany's top entrant. The eagle/bird is done with just quilting.

There were lots of "artsy" type quilts. Here's one. Some type of thistle.

...and a close up of the thistle - very neat.

I've seen this on the web many times from other shows. It's really nicely done, and a good quilt to see in person. It may even be high enough resolution to double click and see more detail...


Love the simple elegance of this trilogy.

Though I'd have quilted this more, it is probably one of my favorites of the day. So sweet and innocent.
RaNae Merrill's quilt - too many teeny tiny pieces here!

...and a close up

Nice movement.
This was a display quilt I like.

So I missed all the Japanese and Israeli quilts and the top winners. Dumbo! The Japanese usually make very intricate quilts too. I left the show thinking it was vendor-heavy, lacking more of the quilts I like to see. There were way too many artsy-fartsy quilts. You know the kind, put together with pounds of fusible, then there's string couched on top, then some tulle, and enough embellishment to gag a herd of animals. They can be attractive, but I like to think that quilts are still made with sewing machines and not irons. My opinions aside, there were LOTS of these type quilts. I kind of figured I'd not ever submit a quilt to this show just because my point of view is so vastly different from what I saw today. I have since seen the winners and some other quilts and realized I am just the idiot for missing half the show! In fact the person that won the traditional category was somebody that had the very same quilt at the Maine Quilt Show 2 weeks ago. Maybe I will reconsider sending something here in another year.



Diana said...

Be gentle with yourself! I know, I KNOW how disappointed you are but mistakes happen.....I would be kicking myself too however. Loved the pictures you did share though!

Vicki W said...

Those are all fabulous quilts!

Desley said...

Shame you missed half the show - but the quilts you toop pics of are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Ferret said...

GRIN, we've all missed quilts at a show it's surprisingly easy to do. It looks like you missed all the traditional quilts which is a shame given it sounds like you would have liked them better.

The quilt with the bird is the UK winner, it is called "A Future and a Hope" by Lynne Quinn. There is a lost of all the winners here with pictures,

Mary Keasler said...

Wonderful pictures of terrific quilts. Thank you for sharing those, as I did not attend the show, but did see the winning quilts on the Mancuso website.

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures!