Monday, September 12, 2011

Mixed E2E and Custom Blocks

A customer brought me this quilt recently. She thought she wanted a simple pattern on all of it. She was not interested in custom quilting (and it's cost). Rather than stitching a paper pantograph pattern on all of the quilt, which would have left the pieced blocks looking underwhelmed, I chose to do a front-side all over free-hand design on all areas but the pieced blocks, and something more custom for the pieced blocks.
This technique is fairly commonplace amongst many quilters, but only works if you are truly comfortable free-hand quilting. I think the end result is very attractive. It's a design of swirls, loops and simple feathers.

This quilt is stitched with a pale yellow So Fine thread. Turns out, it blends fairly well with every fabric she used, even the white block backgrounds.

Her backing fabric is a royal blue broadcloth. This is not my favorite choice for backing fabric, as the weave of broadcloth tends to be more open than most quilting fabrics, and the batting does occasionally tend to "pokey" through. On the bright side, it really shows off the quilting, in that it is a solid!

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LynCC said...

Very pretty quilting job.