Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Almost another week is gone, bringing a weekend of what may include yard work (seeding to be exact) - ew! I try to be productive, but gosh, I seem to putter best of all lately. I have a bunch of hand-dyes in a variety of colors that I have been most ficklely waffling on what to make with. There have to have been 10 different designs, and yet another one on the drawing board today. I did get to start stitching on my applique quilt. I actually started yesterday, but I think the hour or so I worked was more or less a stitch, curse, pick-out, curse some more, repeat session. I couldn't get the dang Monolon thread tensioned properly, and finally gave up and decided to outline the appliques with beige Invisifil. Nearly invisible, just not quite!
I am stitching the entire top with the Invisifil thread (Bottomline in the bobbin). So far, not so much as a problem. Just what I like. Much is obviously not yet stitched (aka, the leaves, flowers, background, etc), but it is begun, and I do have a plan for most of the top.

I'm looking for suggestions from the readers as to what I ought to do with the creamy diamonds that are currently left unstitched. I'm at a loss. I designed them with curved stitching, but I have a hard time doing this on diamonds repeatably well. Ideas include do nothing, and outline with another row of straight stitching. Other thoughts??


Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

It is lovely!

Elaine said...

I don't know that you need to do anything. I like it when a few squares pop out.
Your quilt looks great.

Emma said...

The quilting looks terrific so far; I love the way you design your quilting. I actually like the cream diamonds unquilted. But I would probbly reassess once the rest of the quilt is done and you can see the whole thing - but of course that would mean giong back and doing them all separately if you then decide they need qulting, which would be a pain!

Crafty Maine Mom said...

Have you thought about pebbles? You have the diamonds right next to them that have those great arcs.

Sue said...

I just love your blog and all fof your gorgeous quilts .