Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pre-Christmas Quilting

I must admit, I gasp when I see posts of people who have ALREADY put up their Christmas trees. Somebody really needs to remind them that it is early November. There used to be a protocol to holiday timing, but nowadays it seems that Halloween candies appear on the shelves in August. Our tree is usually lucky to be up by December 10-15! This is not my piece, but the owner will have it all bound and ready to hang by the holiday season.
It's a fun little wall-hanging. I actually saw it in a magazine a few days ago. The pictures have a hard time doing it justice, but I felt like all that green space, though seasonal in color, needed a little livening up. In a variegated greens Rainbow thread, I quilted a tree. The stitching does show above the many deeper greens, but it is subtle, as I wanted. In the tree, for a touch of interest, are a pear and a partridge.

Originally, the owner sent me a picture of a stars and loops pattern and wanted this all over the quilt. She's a beginner quilter who just needed a little guiding along. Though this edge-to-edge is nice for some quilts, this one seemed to be calling for more personalization. I chose to do the loops and stars in a deep green blending thread in the background around the tree. A perfect compromise.

Close up of the bird...

The top of the quilt is fused applique stitched with clear thread. I simply outlined the shapes, added a few veins to the holly (she is adding red buttons). I put in a ghost star in the sky and connected the stars with a ribbon. If it were my quilt, I'd probably put some sparkly crystals in the ribbon to showit off.

Have a fantastic long weekend!


LynCC said...

Margaret, this is WONDERFUL! :)

(Oh, and we put our tree up around the second week of December, too. Mostly because we love to have it up through the New Year, and we'd be too sick of it by then if it went up early.)

kheli said...

I actually GASPED when I saw the tree quilted here! Love it!

We do not decorate until December. I like to celebrate all the birthdays we have in November, and Thanksgiving first!

sosarahsew said...

I like the "I Spy" element of the quilting! Really cool!!