Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tula Pink (I think) & Pinkalicious

Here's a client's quilt. It's a 92" square large quilt with a rather lot of piecing. She wanted more than a typical pantograph so I devised this pattern to create simple secondary designs. With the very heavily patterned fabrics, it is nearly impossible to quilt it to show a detailed design, but the infinity quilting shows nicely on the simpler aqua squares, and the secondary designs are evident amidst all of the color and patterns.

It's all freehanded; no rulers, computers or gizmos. It's a modern-ish quilt so I opted to not use straight lines (plus there was not adequate backing on the edges to do so), but rather I did squiggly lines to add texture. The client chose a wonderful Hobbs Tuscany wool batting, so the quilting appears lighter and airier. Believe it or not, I think that wool batted quilts are much more comfortable year round. They are lighter than the cotton ones. We use our's with wool batting in the summer (in a bedroom that is airconditioned only some of the time). The wool will show the details of the quilting so much better than a cotton ever will.

The quilt is stitched with Superior's Bottomline bobbin and an aqua So Fine thread on the top. The matching threads help to make the quilting only show up as texture. With so much patterning and fabric colors, it's hard to select a thread that will actually show, so this is a fine choice.

The back of the quilt, though pieced, is simpler and really shows the patterns of the quilting.

This week, we have also had the excitement of Halloween. My 3 ghouls (Pinkalicious, JailBird Zombie and some Transformer dude) seemed to brave the late October cold without incident to bring home pumpkins full of candy. Only poor mom got to freeze.

Ya see, the day before, we somehow managed to get 8" of snow dumped on us! Look, the grass is still green (it needed mowing!), and there are still green leaves on the trees! It's insane, I tell ya!


Debbie said...

Great quilting design...effective and simple! Love those ghouls.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Hi! Greetings again from Finland! I LOVE your works! That quilt is fantastic! Thank you for your lovely blog! Thank you for your lovely blog! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

Linda said...

Costumes are great!!!

Love the quilt design you created. Perfect and all freehand. It looks awesome!

Allison said...

great quilting on a lovely quilt top :) thanks for sharing your thoughts on wool bating - I haven't used any yet, but I'm hoping to soon.