Tuesday, January 31, 2012


As you can see from the 6" square, this is one very tiny feathered star. Despite the size, she probably kept more of the triangle tips than I would have on a full size star! It's practically unimaginable that such a small unit can be constructed, and have it look so amazing. Just doing the outline/ditch quilting is a challenge because the thickness of the thread can make the triangle look like the tip was pieced off! It keeps me on my toes because I don't want to be the reason it looks anything but perfect.
I am about 9-10 hours into the quilting on this (see last post to get the entire quilt's view). I have done most of the ivory stitching - just the last half of the outer border remains I think. I have some spaces to stitch with another color, and (sigh) some more outline quilting of all the minute, narrow borders. The client has given me the carte blanche to "get carried away" so I will probably add a good bit of detail to the star tomorrow~

I'll leave you with a peek at the quilt, as seen from laying on your back under the frame. Interesting, eh?


Pat said...

What an amazing quilt! The piecing and the quilting are just stunning!

Desley said...

Can't believe it is only 44 inches square! I love what you have done on the border.

Marie-José H said...

This is so wonderful. Perfectly matching the design. I'm looking forward to see the end.