Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Gorgeous Day

It is a freakish "spring" here in the northeast. Some years, it seems as though spring has not come until late May or early June. This year, we have had more days that have hit 50F in February and March. It is already 60F today. I'm not sure I can quilt this afternoon with temps like this. Because I am nearly finished with this quilt...maybe another 3-4 hours of finish-up work, I envisioned not having more sneak peeks until it came off the frame. But I am dallying today, so here's a looksee of the center, albeit the red part is not completed.
Ok, and another look at the quilting on the body of the quilt. There's no shortage of cross-hatching and feathers.
I got a special delivery a while ago... Ever wonder what $500 in thread looks like??...
Here it is! Last May I won $1000 in thread from Wonderfil at MQS. I had never used their thread before then, and had only heard of Invisifil, a 100wt very fine thread. I have used that thread a good bit, but only dabbled with their others. Last week I decided to cash in on the last $500 of that gift certificate. I got 15 cones of their Machine Quilter thread (40wt poly), 5 cones of a 50wt cotton that I will likely sell since I don't use cotton hardly ever, 4 cones of a nice metallic, and a few of this and that. The thread is rather pricey compared to Glide, YLI Professional, and most of Superior's (at wholesale prices) - it comes from Canada. I plan to try out the 40wt poly on my next quilt.
And here is a little sampling of another quilt coming up for next year... I am making another broken/carpenter's star. It is all in water colors. The appliqued butterflies are perhaps a tad dramatic, if not unexpected, but they will be that pop of color that will be needed. I am currently designing the setting squares for the next round - there are 16 of them! I have fabrics for the diamonds, but who the heck knows when I will have time to get them pieced (summer???).


LynCC said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. :) You go right ahead and dally - I'm going back to bed, myself, after a marathon 20-hour drive! What a fantastic treat to see a couple more sneak peeks. Just amazing work.

And I love the butterflies on your personal quilt!

Cassandra said...

I love that bottom picture! It's absolutely gorgeous!!