Thursday, June 21, 2012

NQA Awards

It is officially one week into summer vacation (Is it 9 more to go?).  Through fire, I am dealing with the reality that is my summer. In simple terms - No daily afternoon 3 hours quilting sessions.  So far, I haven't felt the overwhelming need to have that sanity break, but I am sure it will come.  Today is day 2 of our heat, and at 8:45 am, both boys are back inside complaining of how hot it is already.  When they can't or don't play outside, mama gets to hear about it!

My quilts came home from the NQA quilt show yesterday.  Here's the ribbons that came home with this one.  They are both about the longest ribbons I have received!  It's not the typical blue ribbon for first place. They are in the NQA's black & yellow colors.  Attached to each ribbon is a cute little bee pin.  When added to my others, they definitely make for an interesting addition.
It is a tiny pin...I almost couldn't zoom in close enough to get it clearly.  As I have said before, I think that this show is my best personal showing with any quilt.  I know I won the best of show at the Maine Quilt show last summer, but the competition at NQA is orders of magnitude greater.  And getting the best machine quilting awards is such a freaking huge feather in my cap!!  I am still overwhelmed at that one.  Shocked and overwhelmed.  So, you can imagine my frustration and disappointment to open the box and find nothing monetary inside!  It had never dawned on me that a quilt show that attracts the number of big name quilters as this one does, would only give ribbons as prizes.  It's my own expectations to blame, but gosh, I was looking forward to a little vacation cash!  My husband had to remind me that I do this (make quilts and enter into shows) for the pride and joy of sewing (and hopefully winning).   And this IS true, BUT...I really want/need a vacation to Florida too!  I'm pretty sure I can't just pay Delta with my pride.  The category I won first in had over 30 entries.  It was one of the larger ones.  And, I clearly bested at least 100 quilts for the machine quilting award.  So yes, lots of pride and joy, and learnings to remember when I have a  quilt to enter.  Lesson...The Minnesota Quilt Show is the same weekend as NQA, and it pays the winners :-)
So as you can see, my humble 24" mini quilt made in the last round of a round robin I used to host, is beyond covered.  A few of my show ribbons have overflowed to my daughter's room (ah, the pink ones!), but this is in need of some changing.  There are several new ones, as of this spring's shows - three teacher's ribbons, three honorable mentions and a 2nd place (and the monster NQA ribbons!).
I am working on two customer quilts through the weekend (I hope the'll be done by then), and then next week is Mama's week.  All 3 kids are going to summer camp.  I may have client work, or I may work on my own things (or gasp, clean up the house??!).  In 10 days I am headed to the Vermont Quilt Festival.  It's another regional show that attracts a great blend of quilts.  I expect the variety and caliber to be pleasing.  Plus, it's a night away - can't beat that.  I've decided to take my mom and daughter, and make it a fun outing.  The boys can fend for themselves for a night :-)

Now, off to a craft store to find tracing paper so I can start printing out foundations for some paper piecing I have planned for next week on my newest mosaic floor quilt.


harrispen said...

Congrats on your win, but the money sure would have been nice too. At least you can add it to your resume and maybe get more clients.


Ivory Spring said...

Congrats, Margaret. You are such a celebrity! I love reading about your wins.