Monday, June 18, 2012

Photoshopping a Quilt

I am getting accustomed to what my next 9 weeks will be like, slowly but surely, and whether I want or like it or not.  The sad reality is that I will have little to no daytime quilting.  My 3 kids are like fleas, always in different locations, and just when you think you might do something productive, they run in demanding something else.  If they do come in, I find that they leave behind a path of destruction - toys left here, a shoe there, and the bathroom, Oh Lordy, don't even get me started there.  Next week my boys go to a day camp, and I am thinking that I'm going to sign my daughter up too just so I can have a week of peace.  I will have a couple of client quilts to then, unless I miraculously get them finished and then I can work on this quilt (or another I have started!).

This picture shows the 24" center on point, as it is in the quilt, with the 4 corner units (making it about 34-35" square) just sitting there.  I'm working to finish the ivory and orange appliques before I assemble the unit.  Appliquing with a smaller piece is easier than always having a 35" block on one's lap.  This is especially true since we have upper 80's coming in 2 days.  Yea, the beach is in my future!
The 3-1/2" terra cotta border is getting appliques in orange, just to bring the orange color out a little bit.  It's a bold and rich pumpkin-like orange, and I love it in the center.  I just thought it needed a little accentuating.  From a distance, I suspect it will appear mostly monochromatic, but up closer, the detail will be evident.  I saw a similar type design on a floor in Italy.  I'm currently stitching the orange applique on the 2nd corner.  They take a few hours to sew.  Just to see what it'd look like, I Photoshopped the corner onto the other locations.  I haven't pressed this at all - It will look better when it's done.
Here's a peek at the corner, again, not pressed.  I am toying with either trapuntoing the filigree, or running a thick yarn through the applique to help poof it just a little.  I'm a bit gun-shy of real trapunto because I snipped my quilt top the one time I did it.  That would make me livid.  Each of these corners have about 8-10 hours of hand applique beyond the hours spent piecing the star and florette.
I work on this when I can, but mostly at night.  I have a monster 117" quilt on the machine right now, nearing that done point.  My husband took the kids a bit this weekend so I could quilt, but during the week, I get only about 1 hour in the early morning, and things don't get finished quickly at that pace.

Time to look into that daycamp! piece of aqua silk arrived so I can get the silk quilt all together.

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Queenie Believe said...

This will be an absolutely beautiful quilt. I love the colors!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie