Monday, July 30, 2012

Geometries Abound - Maine Quilts 2012

Yesterday, I went with my daughter and mom to the Maine Quilt Show.  Though there are always many different types of quilts, it seems that this year had more of the purely "geometric" offerings.  The more traditional quilts were off in the Meet the Quilter area, but unfortunately I failed to take any pictures there.  My mistake because they were gorgeous.

Anyhow, in an effort to keep my 5 year old happy for 3 hours, I gave her the $500 camera and let her take pictures until both batteries were dead.  As a result, most of my show pictures are at a heavily skewed, upward angle.  Some could be clearer, and most do not have the maker's information, which I typically note.  I like to record that as I blog the picture if for no other reason than I hate to see one of my quilts in a blog without the proper name/crediting with it.  My appologies...I have some of the names, just not all.

Here is one of my favorites, by Lisa Longstaff Hayden called Haley's Challenge.  The tetrahedrals in this style quilt are something I have not seen.  Being mathematical, I find this intriguing.  It earned a red ribbon too.
This is Autumn Migration by Patricia Converse.  Notice all the geese heading south?  Very clever.  It also earned a red ribbon.  
Illusions by Nancy Corson is another stack-n-whack style quilt with the 3D elements thrown in the design.  Interesting.  I like it.
 This would be a double D cup if I made it!  I can't imagine how people keep these flat.  It's Maine Twilight - Snow and Ice by Marjorie Wilson.  I still have one of these in multicolors on my someday/bucket list.
 This is super awesome.  Original and well executed.  It's called Worlds Apart by Beatrice Gilbert.  Cool.
 More 3D geometric perspectives.  Checker Champion by Frances Parker.
 And here is where the ambiguity begins...The camera was passed off to my daughter, and documentation goes a muck.  She would have happily taken photos of the cards, but most were well above her head.

It's not that she didn't try to take them...most are hard to get clear!  The one below is for the quilt just above!
This is a segment of Dan Perkins's X Marks the Spot quilt.  He thrives on using a ton of piecing.  Last year's quilt had to have several thousand pieces.  I'm not sure how many are in this one but there must be more than 500 HST's on the front alone.  And the back was pieced with stars as well.  It must weight a ton :-)
Next time...some more of my pics from the show.

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