Tuesday, July 03, 2012

VQF - #2 The Outrageous!

 Here's a sampling of the truly outrageous and fun quilts that were at VQF.

This first one took the viewer's choice.  It's called Sweet Memories by Dominique Ehrman.  It has more stuff appliqued, floating, 3d, puffy, etc than you can imagine.
The chef is holding this 3D frame of a wedding cake on top of a candy house, complete with cupcakes around the border.

It has to be a shipping logistical mess.  How on earth does one put a quilt like this into a box to send??  Here are some of the floral vines.
And more vines, with an easter egg cookie wrapped in tulle.  Everywhere you looked there was something flapping or popping off of the quilt.  It was really fun to look at.
This next one is called Barn Doors and is by Rita D'Alonzo.  It's cute but not in a hysterical and outrageous way.  There were lots of great animals and details in the barns.
The Best Things in Life are Free, by Janet Cohen & Linda Vizi has a sweet upside down rabbit and a stuffed carrot.  He's pretty cute.
Here's a fun one... No Slices! Fuggedaboutit! by Betsy Vinegrad is a definite fun miniature done in the RaeNae Merrill method.
This next one is entitled Remember the Ladies by Connie Harris Farrington.  There's so much humor in this that I couldn't possibly capture it all.  This is the front...
 ...and some closeups...Lady Godiva,
 Lady of the evening...There was Lady Luck, Sales Lady, My Fair Lady, just to name a few.
A while later, we passed by the backside of the quilt, which was displayed too, and discovered that it had the photos of 14 former first ladies, with funny anecdotes about each.  Who knew that Ladybird Johnson was the first to hold hootenannies in the white house??  What is a hootenanny anyways?!
 ...or that Louisa Adams was the first to raise silk worms in the white house, or that Dorothy Madison was the first to cream ice cream in the white house!
This last one is a parody on all things floral.  It is called A Punny Thing Happened on the Way Through the Garden by Karen Viega.  It's cute and 3D from a distance, but just plain comical up close.

Here's her butterfly bush...
 and the peace lilies...
 Spider plant and blue bells..
And there's more - tiger lilies, and lady slippers (Can you see the glass slippers stitched into the flowers??!). The trumpet vine had trumpet buttons.  The palm tree had hand buttons on it.  It was seriously outrageous.
So there's my take on the fun and silly quilts from the show.  Tomorrow I'll show mine and a final wrap-up.


FabricandFlowers said...

What fun and interesting quilts! Thanks for posting the detailed pictures.

fiberobsession said...

Amazing! The creativity must have been running rampant. The Punny quilt made me laugh out loud several times. How clever!essonec 14

fiberobsession said...
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fiberobsession said...
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Lynette said...

What a fun show! That chef quilt is pretty incredible. Sure do wish I could see those in person. Thanks for sharing. :)