Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mermaids for Addyson

This twin sized fun mermaid quilt was finished a couple weeks ago, and has already gone home to it's owner.  She is a prolific applique quilter, and I have done many of her quilts in the last couple years.  I have no idea, but I think that this is a commercial pattern.  Anybody know?
 It was made for a 3yr girl, the daughter of a friend.  Because of this, I was asked to stitch on the appliques themselves more than I normally might.
 The background is a fun, freehanded wavey fill, with some bubbles thrown in.  I stitched it in a pale aqua YLI polished poly thread.  This thread and Glide are similar, but I love the way this thread stitches better.
 The appliques are ditched in Madiera Monolon thread.  Since I needed to stitch on every applique, and I wanted to limit the stops and starts (kid's quilt, high use, abuse, many washings, etc!) I chose to do all quilting on the appliques in the monolon also.  Yes, you lose a little of the color contribution of the thread, but to have to knot and bury all the threads, not to mention the 8-10 different shades of thread needed, this was the best choice.  It shows the texture just fine.
 She will be finishing the quilt with a scalloped binding.  It was marked for me when it arrived.   My 7-yr old daughter was about ready to keep this for her bed when she saw it!


Vicki W said...

I love the waves on the border too. This is adorable!

Leeanne said...

Fun quilt! perfect quilting.

Na Na said...

I would love to have this pattern if it is commercially available. I really like the quilting you did.

Vicki said...

adorable quilt and wonderful quilting

Michele said...

It is really adorable and the quilting just makes it shine.