Sunday, May 18, 2014


Apologies for my long lapses between posts.  Despite being highly organized and pretty regimented about getting things done, I have just plain and simple, been busy.  I am at that one month countdown to having 3 kids out of school, and I am frantically scurrying around trying to get the last of the client quilts that are committed for May and June completed, and any others I can manage.  I have a way of constantly just having a little too much on my plate, which isn't helping either. Throw in a day off from school or an appointment, and that just translates to "what must I not do today?" guessed it, blog.

I have a coupe client quilts to post this week, but while they travel home to their owners, let me post some of my own doings.  You may or may not know that I have been writing for Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine.  I had my bio published last year (see right sidebar for a cover), and wrote an article for them about a client's challenging quilt that came out in November.  After those, they asked if I might write 6 articles for each edition of 2014, and I agreed.  I actually have a 7th because I have done two for the July issue.  Anyway, I had a 3-part series on curved edges that came out in the first half of this year.  It discusses how to do a serpentine, a scallop and a mixed/combination edge.  The magazine is all about finishing your quilt, with emphasis on machine quilting.  The front pages of these 3 articles are below, with many more pictures and tips included.  I have found the curved edges to be my addiction now - why do another straight one??!

 Lastly...I have a quilt officially published in a book.  This is the cover for Corey Yoder's current book.  Last year I quilted one of her tops.  She wanted it to have sashings similar to how these were done (this quilt is mine from a few years ago).  Because of the relative size of my blocks and sashings, the look of circles is different for the two quilts.
 I wasn't able to show pictures of her quilt after I did it, so I only have a couple, and not such good resolution either.  You get the idea though.  Her book is all about fusible applique using this oval/petal design.

I have great ideas for trying to keep my blogging more frequent, including some nice client quilts recently finished to showing some snippets of my quilts in the works.  I also have all kinds of show news that happens monthly, like winning 3 ribbons 2 weeks ago at the Salt Lake City HMQS -- a very tough machine quilting show this year.  Hopefully, time will keep me on track so I can get this info out there.  Go and enjoy the nice spring weather that has finally arrived to New England!


Michele said...

I do enjoy reading your articles and when I do attempt to tackle those types of edges, I'll definitely refer back to them.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Kudos to you, Margaret!

Busy Quilting said...

Your articles in Quilting unlimited have inspired me to put a curved edge on my next personal quilt. Now I need to rethink the quilting to match the edge.

KathyinMN said...

No worries on time between posts. I'm always amazed when you do post, one of the reasons I follow your blog-its your work I love seeing, so inspirational! Can't wait to see more of your clients quilts too. Love to see your creativity merge with someone else's quilt.