Monday, July 02, 2007

A First Party Dress

A Party dress for Sophie...

I'm making a dress for her 1st birthday. I used to sew a lot more clothing than I do now. I was frugal; who needed to spend $50 buying something that I could make from nicer material for $15-20. Then I got a high paying job and money was often more trivial than my time.

Different world now. No extra cash. Lots of time (ha ha) between watching the 3 kids that is.

The lavendar dress was done 6 years ago for my neice Alyssa. It was my first attempt at smocking & making clothing for something very tiny. Those little sleeves are challenging for large fingers. None the less, I think, despite the lousy picture quality, it was nice for my 1st attempt. My daughter looked so cute in it when it got handed down to us to wear, that I decided I wanted to make something special for her. I have made fleece suits for my boys, but those are easier. Use the serger, nothing is too fitted or detailed. No glory in the outcome either.

Sophie's dress is close to finished. It lacks one sleeve (fabric is re-ordered because I underestimeated needing to make 4 sleeves before I got it right!). It is hand smocked, and that part is gorgeous. Hope the closeup does it justice. Yoke and skirt front are all one piece. Collar is Egyptian cotton and has a lovely sheen. Also added fancy scalloped stitching. Should interface better next time. The skirt has 2 pleats and is nearly 55" around. There is an ivory cotton underskirt with 2.5" lace all around it. Very fancy!

I can hardly wait to start on one for her for Christmas...

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