Friday, October 08, 2010

More Doodles

A sneak peek at my weekend...
good food (maybe wine too)
shopping (one can dream!)
no quilting deadlines
longarm maching education
a few photographs & videos
I can hardly wait!
And I am still frantically scrapping in my spent mind for what my "tip" will be to present to the retreat & HQ. What do I do that is unique from others that makes it a better thing?? What little aspect of my quilting routine would help others if it were known?? Maybe it's my red glittered shoes (just kidding) or the plush foam squares I lined my studio with (seriously, they are heavenly to stand on for several hours). I'm leaning towards something else, but it's pretty lame too (gulp!). So I am dabbling in the angle that the one thing that makes my quilting nicer is how I approach the general design of it. Not always, but sometimes! I have been doodling a lot this week, and may try to incorporate them into my videotaped "tip"
Unless I chicken out and go for the red sparkled shoes approach. Afterall, I am not Ms. Quilt Whisperer by a long shot, and these are really fancy shoes!
Have a fantastic weekend and I'll hopefully be back Wednesday.


Trudi said...

Doodlings a great angle, but what in your process have you change ever so slightly that you think has led to your continued improvement? It's those little things that make the difference. Have a fantastic weekend!

Ivory Spring said...

Have a great time at the retreat.

Those feather designs are AMAZING - I am drooling here.

Featheronawire Sally Bramald said...

\lovely, lovely doodles!