Monday, August 20, 2012


Nine days.  Can you say that?  "Nine days"...that is when I will load this and start quilting.  

I have spent quite a few hours this past weekend, and a couple of the blue wash-out pens, marking this quilt. Normally I don't waste so much time marking, but this quilt is huge.  And I just can't be trusted to remember what I did on the top half when I actually get to the bottom half!

I have several "types" of motifs that I like to use on my quilts.  For that reason, I have spent a goodly amount of time trying to dream up different things for this one.  I am creative, afterall, and I know that I don't have to quilt the same old thing every time.  It is challenging, though, getting away from things that I have seen done successfully, and that I really like.

The 6" outer green border is getting a fun wavy feather, that has a stripe that weaves in and around it.  I'll probably vary up the feather a bit, adding curls and a few leaves.  Somehow, it just looks a bit sterile in the picture.  Once I see how the silk thread looks on the green, I may also do the stripe in another color so that it shows more.
The corners of the quilt are pretty large - nearly 40" on a side.  It's enough blank space to send a quilter running for the hills.  I have subdivided this a little, preparing for a couple areas with fillers, some cross-hatching, some interesting shapes, and all that 1/2" marked area is getting cc'd.  I don't generally do this on a small scale on my quilts, so I opted to do so here.
I also designed the motifs going in the white areas.  These are feathered with cross hatching in the centers, and some other fill around them.  I created this motif a few months ago to go on a whole cloth quilt that I have yet to mark.  They seem like they'll be kind of time consuming (heck, the entire quilt is going to be time consuming), but the end effect of a cool design on light fabric will be worth it.
The center motif is different, to draw the eye inward.  I know, I know...I use rays on quilts all the time.  The fact is, they bring the eye where I want the eye to go.  They add visual interest in a way I have yet been able to replicate.  This is my original design, created by playing around with repeating feather sprays. 
There are pages and pages of scribbles and stipple patterns in my house.  If I see a pattern on something, I start drawing.  I'm taking 2 or 3 of these to use on the quilt in the larger open spaces.  The ones I like best just are not suited for filling tiny areas.
So, 9 more days.

Today, the kids get haircuts.  New shoes have been purchased, and the drawers are being stocked with unstained, appropriate size school clothes.  Do I sound like I am ready??!...Until then, there are a few more things to finish marking and planning, a 3 day getaway to Boston, and of course, a client has called and is dropping off a quilt this week (to be done Monday).  Why is it that right when I am about to embark on a large quilt of my own, I always have another that must be done first??!  Ah, the life of a professional complaints.   Then my big green monster will be started.


♥Duff said...

I'm always floored by your creativity! When this is done, and the big green monster is done, I want in! I've got a top that needs your love and skill...

Gramma Quilter said...

Cant wait to see the actual quilting! Looks fabulous. Keep us posted!

Queenie Believe said...

I really like seeing the process photos, thank you.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Lynette said...

Oh my goodness, Margaret! You've got some beautiful motifs going there. I am absolutely in love with your feathers/stripe intertwinement. :)