Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Colorweaves Top is done

I am finished with this little 38" quilt top.  Though I like the look of the pure solid colors, I am SO ready to get back to working with batiks, or other fabrics that are thin and non-ravelly.  I appliqued the curved mustard-colored section down by hand so that I could piece the outer 2 borders in a way that the stripes remained perfectly straight, but the crazy fabric nearly raveled off in my hands.  I am 50-50 with whether I really love this.  Since it shouldn't take a huge amount of time to actually quilt it, I will finish the project and hope for the best.  I had been designing the quilting all along, and now just need to tweak a few things, finish a few client quilts, then I will quilt it.

Tomorrow I finish a client's 3rd quilt and I hope to have some great eye-candy to show.


Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

I think it looks so great! Can't wait to see you do magic quilting it!
Happy quilting :-)

floribunda said...

Very pretty, Margaret! I love what other people do with solids but I'm never really happy with the results when I use them -- don't like the ravelling and my seams always look wonky for some reason.

I especially like the woven effect on those outer points...