Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Friday Catch-up (but yea, I know it's only Thursday!)

I have had it in my head all day that it is Friday, but it is one of the good things I am wrong about!  Though most people long for and look forward to Friday, I am much the opposite.  Monday is much more appealing.  The busyness of the weekend is over, and the kids are back to school.

It's been a busy week.   Tomorrow will be no different.  Frantic at times trying to finish (OK, that is a huge stretch, but I do need to get the quilting to a suitable stopping point either tomorrow or Monday so that the quilt can come off the frame).  This means that there are no large unquilted areas, and any area I have marked is stitched, as I will be removing all of the blue pen.  I don't want to leave it on the quilt for the next 3 months.  I anticipate getting back to finishing the quilt in September.  Today marks day 9 of quilting on the silk quilt.  My mind really needs to work on something different. Fifty hours of staring at the same quilt is enough.  Today I started on the teeny-tiny fillers.  Three of the four corners are just about done (if you don't count the part I have to rip out!...Frog, as the quilters say.  I am not in the least bit thrilled that I have to rip out fourteen stitches to the inch silk thread, on silk fabric.  Seems a tad risky.  Foolish might be a better word.  I will look carefully from further than 6" when I get it off the frame and see if it is really necessary, though I suspect I already know that answer.
These are both variations on fills I have done before, only they have been micro-filled.  The top picture has the 1/2" interlocking circles (CC), but I filled in the space.  I'm not sure why I did this, because I used it on Big Bertha and kind of didn't love it.  Did I not learn my lesson??!  Below, I have a variation on clam shells.  They too are filled to give a dense background.  It was all going pretty well first thing this morning until I realized I'd densely filled a section that I had not added a band of pearls (circles) to.  Frig!...Talk about ticked...Thank goodness the back of the quilt is not silk - otherwise I wouldn't stand a chance of getting the stitches out!  The silk radiance is truly gorgeous, but on the flipside, it is a solid fabric so there is nothing whatsoever to hide blemishes in the quilting.  Kinda glad my next quilts are fun with some print!
I have this tree in my yard.  It's a crab-apple.  It's the sweetest smelling, most Fragrant and gorgeous tree for about 1 week each year.  I'll leave you with this picture.  It just makes me happy.


felice said...

Amazing quilting!

Judy said...

Your quilting is amazing! So sorry you have to frog. Can't it just be a quirky design element?

tirane93 said...

your quilts are all so beautiful! i found your blog through a pinterest post and notice that a few of your pictures have a "please don't post to pinterest" caption. is it your preference that NONE of your pictures are posted there? if so, i'll take off the repin.

Rhonda said...

I am speechless....nearly!! I love both versions of the quilting. You are amazing and talented!!