Monday, June 24, 2013


First off, thank you for the kind and informative comments and emails regarding yesterday's post about show quilting ethics.  I am most surprised at the response and the number of page views this post has received -- nearly double my previous highest (ha...even more than the bleeding quilt posts :-))!  It's over 750 views right now, and emails/comments keep coming in.  I am not, however, completely surprised at the way the professional quilting community at large feels about this.   We are a relatively small bunch of quilters that quilt show quilts, and we feel strongly about being recognized for our talents.

While I definitely love hearing what each and every one of you thinks on the issue, I really don't think that there is anything I plan to change.  It's not a matter of needing it contractually stated that the person having me quilt the top shall do certain things.  For the cost of most quilting jobs, there is just no way I will seek legal council should an similar issue like this arise.  Is it really a legal issue?? We can all overthink what "we" might do differently to protect ourselves, but in the end, I still don't think that this is a "me" issue.  The vast majority of good quilt shows do require the entrant to list the quilter.  Those that falsify, if they exist, will be discovered.  And as smaller, less experienced shows evolve, they too will require such information.  I am confident that I was listed as the quilter, as this show is reputable.   I feel strongly that all shows should prominently display the quilter's name on the quilt placard in whatever size font the entrant's name is in.  I have been to a few large shows where the quilter's name was in a font so tiny it was barely legible. What is the point in that?  I cannot speak for this particular show's signs; I couldn't read it from the photos.   My biggest bone to pick was about just not being notified that a lovely quilt which I quilted happened to quilt, took the show's top award.  There is no contract that will ensure each and every client will have my degree of interest in each and every quilt touch.  That bit comes from within each of us.  All I can do is express my sadness for not knowing 3 weeks ago when the show took place, and urge all of us to keep those lines of communication open with our clients.  How our quilts do in shows directly affects our business.  She may think that this is "her" quilt, but a small piece inside of me still feels it is "part me" too.


Jeannette said...

I did not leave a message yesterday and totally agree with your views. At our local quilt show they still do not have different categories for quilting completed on the home sewing machine and or long arm and or categories for computer designed long arm work and free motion quilting.

Shar said...

I have only been longarming for 1 year now. I have quilted for others, but not a show quilt yet. My goal is to do them though. I hope to have as much talent as you do. I agree with you that we should be told about the quilts being entered into shows. People that follow us around the country can go see the quilts, look at our work. It is a support for us as well as for them. When a person fills out that form to enter a quilt and they are the ones that choose to be honest. If they choose to not be honest, they will pay for it in the end. We may not like that now, but it will come back to them.
We would like to think we are supportive community, but there are those out there that want all the glory to themselves.
You do fabulous work. I follow you as an example. Thank you for being an inspiration for me.
Shar Fletcher

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I think that things are already changing for the smaller quilt shows. My guild in Cheyenne has a small show and they have a special category for two-person quilts especially for people who have the top quilted by a longarmer. Of course getting the ladies to always say who quilted their quilt at show & tell is another story. Usually someone asks who quilted it.

Borderline Quilter said...

That post actually brings a tear to my eye Margaret....I won Best Longarm Quilter at a prominent UK Show in May this year, my customer took the rosette and cup (which already had my name engraved on it) home with her and I haven't even seen it, not sure I want to now....but that Ladies quilt sure has a BIG chunk of me in it!!!!