Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Too Busy

The last few days of summer have been a blur.  There are just way too many distractions to get much of anything substantial done.  Last week, I spent half a day with Sophie, cutting and stitching her lap quilt.  She bought 3 of the fabrics at a recent quilt show, and "shopped for the rest" in my stash.  Today we got the backing.  My hope is to add the borders and let her try stitching it on the longarm in a week or two.  Call me crazy...this plan very well may backfire!
 A week or so ago I did up this bento box for a local client.  She got the pattern and directions from my blog (search Bento Box!).  It's not like there are not other patterns out there, but this one yields no waste, and can utilize jelly roll precuts.  I made a couple of these, and it makes up really fast.
The quilting is nice simple swirls, at her request.  It is for her daughter to take to college...just in time!
I am also cutting into my scrap bags of Cherrywood fabrics.  I have designed something for then a dozen times, but never can commit because these scraps have lots of pieces, but there are very few repeats.  That makes selecting a traditional pattern challenging.  I am going for the free-pieced and modern look.   It's not done, but underway.
I am working on a second show quilt -- small, thank goodness.  It's for a client that is on holiday in the US until the end of September, and I want to get it mailed to her while she is  here.  It ought to be done by next week I suspect.  I'll show some pictures of the first one next time.  It turned out great!

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the Golden Needle said...

Awesome quilt your daughter is making. My DD was 13 the first time she used the longarm, I have had a 4-H gal that was 11 and she did awesome. the Spiral Square panto is the easiest for the young girls to do. Good luck